Modeling For Others

I have been listening to The Michelle Obama podcast on Spotify. In a recent episode she talked about mentorship. Among they many interesting points of conversation throughout the episode she said in effect, If there is someone younger than you around you, you are a role model. It’s true. As a kid I always looked to the older kids. I have often looked to people more mature than I for guidance in my adult life too.

This idea that, by default I a mentor inspires a new perspective in me. I hadn’t thought of myself as a role model before but I am. I am a parent and I have younger people around me through the studio. The topic of mentoring is also helping me think accountably about my attitudes and actions to others in general.

It’s funny how a simple thought or expression will be inspiring like that. Are you looking for a little inspiration? Explore the idea of mentorship. Good things are sure to come of it.