Noticing Nature

I’ve written about nature’s awe before, but the beauty of it always bears repeating.  Today as I walked my dog Barley I spotted this little pine cone and I was awed by it. I marveled at its symmetry wrapped in its durable frame. It’s so even. That is what I am striving to be.
Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” I get that. The world can feel complicated and I can get caught up in it but nature and it’s evenness is a fresh breath I breath. The balance of things in nature, it’s all on time. Nothing is wrong or a mistake or too hard. It’s just even.
I found myself breathing deeply as I stood staring at it, this pinecone had sparked a zen moment for me and I wanted to relish it.
To keep my mind from running away in thought I have been trying to get outside and notice the nature around me in whatever I see, a blade of grass or a fallen leaf. There is always wisdom in what is before me. I think nearly time, I can learn so much from nature.