Our Mothers Shape Us.

Be it in action or absence, our mothers shape us.
I look at this picture of my mother and I and I am reminded of how much I am shaped by her influence.  She has always allowed me the space to be who I am.  As an only child I kept myself busy in my curiosity and my unintentional desire to do whatever I wanted to do. I know it wasn’t always an easy road  parenting me but she did with finesse and a conviction to let me be me.
Regardless of how our relationship with our moms may look to us or to others they are key figures in who we are.
We are influenced by our moms. They model for us, they teach us, they even redirect us. If your mom is no longer with you, her life’s impression has lasted and motivates you to follow a path. Today, ponder your mom and the you she helped to create. You wouldn’t be the wonderful you that you are without her effect.
My mom has shaped me in large part by letting be the me I am and that has allowed me to create a place where everyone can be who they are in their creativity .
Thank you mom.