Opportunity to Pause

I feel like the universe has pressed pause and that’s a good thing.

COVID 19 has certainly changed our lives, at least for the time being. It’s been challenging to say the least but I can’t help but feel that the Universe has pressed pause for us all. The air is cleaner, the rivers are clearer, the nature is blooming. We’ve been told to step to the side of the lives we’ve been living. I see an amazing opportunity here.

They say that on the road to happiness one should pause to take stock along the way. Are we going the right way toward our happiness goals? Job, Family, Community?

I feel curious in this stillness. In my pause, I reflect, what I have been doing, how I have been living has been well intentioned for my goal but slightly off the mark I set long ago. It’s ok though. Thats what this time seems to be for- refection. Have I ever had a chance like this before? Have any of us?

Thank you for pressing the pause button Universe. We must have really needed it.