A pile of junk

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk”, Thomas Edison. As one of the forefathers of ingenuity, I find deep wisdom in Edison’s quote. I see kids benefiting broadly from creating in a freestyle way with odds and scraps of this and that.

Junk specifically has a place in my heart as some of my fondest memories of childhood were rooting around in my Grandmother’s junk drawer. I always found myself caught up in a swirl of ideas as I explored the drawer.

Junk does spark ideas and possibilities. This Saturday, at CMATO for a Family Art Day activity I am going to lead an exploration with junk to spark ideas through Junk Journaling, creating handmade art style books from a combination of junk mail pieces, brochures, book pages, and much more. Using random things, everyday things in new ways triggers imagination which thereby stimulates inventions of sorts. I look forward to junk journaling with CMATO and our community for the fun of it through creative reuse as we invent with a pile of junk mail.

Jemma W.