Curious About Plastics

This month we cast our proverbial Spotlight on Plastics and some of the various forms they comes to us in. Plastics, in their unending variety of forms make’s them a popular material source in our reuse line-up.

We’ll spend the month exploring plastics, how they are made, how they are recycled, what we are making with them, what artists make and their history too.
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I love learning about new things, or leaning new details about common things. Just today I learned that plastics have been around a lot longer that I realized in manmade forms like bakelite jewelry from the early 1900’s. Plastics were drawn from nature years earlier from the sappy gum of Rubber Trees in the Rain Forest.

Plastics have been a means to do good in the world of product making. Durability and reuse have been focuses as our world has expanded, so have it’s uses. Many plastic uses have leaned toward convenience, take the plastic water bottle for example. Convenience items tend to be more lightweight, single use and disposable. That’s where the value of plastic gets difficult, and how plastic litter pollutes our oceans. This awareness is inspiring and demanding change. We’ll explore that too.

I look forward to sharing creative projects and interesting discoveries with you this month. Let’s get this plastic journey started, learning something new with National Geographic’s Plastics 101.

Jemma W.
Founder & Owner