Point Taken

I heard about the change of the Metronome clock in Union Square to The Climate Clock, temporarily displaying the time we have left to prevent the irreversible effects of global warming. I hit me hard. Point taken.

The signs of global warming impact on the world have been showing for years. Melting ice caps, starving polar bears and dwindling open spaces have all been signs. I have noted them, felt them but somehow kept them over there in my mind. Teenager, Greta Thunberg protesting by herself, speaking up and speaking out has been inspiring. It still feels over there, somehow outside my reality but it’s not. Non of the change, the depletion, the neglect, the stripping of resources, the single uses, door deliveries. It’s all part of my reality, our common reality. As former President Barack Obama has said, Climate Change is not some far off problem; it’s happening here, it’s happening now.”

Reuse is one of my solutions to the effects of global warming, reuse the things we have through creatively partners two needs I think we have; to help the planet and to nurture ourselves. But I have to ask myself, can I do more?

I see so much packaging in the donations I receive. Everything we buy comes in packaging, often layers and layers of it. There is almost more than we can use. We would have to do an incredible amount of creating.

I’ve got to do something more. To begin, I am going to spend the next five weeks exploring how I can help minimize product packaging. Product packaging is a huge topic I realize, but I can start somewhere. I will share my process here.

I can do something more to contribute to shifting the effects of the climate clock. If Greta can take action as one person. I can too. I don’t need to be just one person exploring this. If you feel like doing something to look at how to minimize product packaging contact me. We are always better when we work together.

Jemma W.
Founder & Owner

*Photo credit: Jeenah Moon/ The New York Times / Article by Colin Moynihan