Exploring Machine Sewing

Let’s sew!
Machine sewing is perfect for both kids and adults.¬† It’s a great skill to develop for tapping into your creativity, exploration, and imagination. We love the hands-on process for learning and discovery that machine sewing provides.
Sewing builds lifelong skills for kids and adults. Boys and girls alike are sure to love what they can make one stitch at a time!

Now our sewing classes are to your door and just for you! We’ve got private sewing sessions for kids, parent/ child, and adult sewing!
Contact us to schedule dates.

Duo/Parent-Child private sessions:
Includes two, 2-hour sessions for $130 for parent and child, siblings are an additional  $20 per additional child .
Individual private sessions
Individual Private sessions are also two, 2-hour sessions for $70 per individual.
Have a few friends who want to sew?
Let us know, we can schedule a date for up to five sewers together!


Exploring Machine Sewing for Kids & Adults:
The focus of both the introduction to Machine Sewing and Project Sewing is to get kids sewing and feeling good doing it.
The beginner-level class is for those who are new to machine sewing. They learn the ins and outs of machine sewing and how to make a project that gives them the basic format for lots of future sewing projects.
The project-level class is for sewers with some prior experience. These sewers can explore sewing the projects they want to make through ideas they have, ideas I have in my resources, or sew through inspiration, sewing as their ideas flow.

Materials: All fabrics and materials provided. Students will receive a sewing grab bag at the close of the class series to inspired continued sewing at home. If students have machines they can bring them along to build confidence to sew with their own machine. I also have machines that I can bring to our sewing sessions.

Class Teacher: Jemma Wildermuth

Have any of these available if you have them:
A sewing machine (this is ideal) and the following tools listed below if you have them. Not to worry if you don’t, we have extras on hand if needed.
*Sewing Machine & Manual
*Straight Pins
*Seam Ripper
*Measuring Tape
*Safety Pins
*Pin Cushion
*Sewing Box to keep tools & supplies in

Check out our Pinterest sewing project board for inspirations and ideas!

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