I’m Rooted

The strength in me comes from the roots of my women.

I think of the month of May as one big Mothers Day.
Reflecting on being a mother and having a mother are always the thoughts I begin with. Today though, I got to thinking of more of the women in my life and those who were gone when I got here.

They have helped to shape me. My Mother, Aunt and daughters are kin, but women of our pasts and of their pasts, and their pasts pasts are where it began. Every one of them have had some influence over who I am today.

I relish the idea of these women, one of whom in the early 1900’s made cough syrup from an onion for her children because it was practical, who cleaned counter tops with lye because it worked. These women were strong. Roots for who we could be in the years ahead because they heeded the advice of their mothers, aunts and cousins.

In this slowed down time I can ponder the wisdom, power and intention of the women in my family who have always done what needed doing any time of day or night. As the generations became more contemporary these women rooted to their histories to grow their own personal powers to work in male dominant fields.

Because of all of the efforts of the women in my family I can be a woman (with an incomplete college education) who started a business in my garage because I dreamed it.

I hope to pass on the roots that were deepened for me to my girls. The history of the ladies in our family line is the footing they use to go forward on their paths.

What a gift.
Jemma W.