Try Being Curious

Try being curious. The word curiosity has really been on my mind lately.
I’ve been practicing thinking curiously to keep me out of fear and worry. Those two seem to be old defaults for me. Through it I have come to appreciate the nature curiosity, it’s openness, always full of possibility.
It occurs to me that curiosity is a natural inclination for children. They wonder about things, finding reasons to explore, say, touch, smell and taste.

Curiosity is innately creative so it must be natural to all of us somewhere deep down. Possibilities open up when I apply curiosity. I like it said this way, “Once you open up that curiosity door, anything is possible.” – Teacher Scott Calvin of the Netflix show Stranger Things. On the show curiosity and creativity go hand in hand to get the characters out of trouble.
Lately when new people come into the studio, I even find myself talking about curiosity as I give an overview of the studio. “Get curious and explore. The ideas will come.”
There is something so comforting in that truth.

Jemma W.