What’s the word

Black lives matter.

I saw this sign as I made my donation pick-up rounds last week. You may wonder why I am sharing it here, on an art studio’s blog. After all, it’s a personal point of view?
I see it as a piece of art, speaking plainly, about the times we’re in. Isn’t that what art does? Communicates the times.

This sign gives us an opportunity to process, to think, ultimately to talk with others about the issues of today. Talk with our families, our friends. Where do we stand in relation to it. Are we for it or against? Why? Talking about it is good. It’s honest. This is what art does. It sparks us.

We may all believe different things but the truth is underneath it all we are all connected to one another through the invisible thread of humanity.

In this sign, art is imitating life. I hope we can talk about that.