When five friends got together, they were on a roll!
It just so happened that there were five friends creating together and five giant rolls just waiting to be made. All it took was one friend to spark the inspiration with her elephant tube and just like that, the ideas flourished in a wild fit of creativity.
All the tubes became characters with different back stories but the best part was the way the process unfolded as their afternoon wove together in conversation, connection and creativity. It was a great example of how fun can flourish when time and space stand still long enough to let kids be. They inspired each other as they created and told the stories of who they were making. They were loving it. Just watching them, I felt like a kid again myself, caught up in the play that only imagination can coax.
At the end of their time they took their tube characters home. I imagine that now, when they look at them standing in the corners ofd their rooms, they are transported back to their crafty afternoon together. They created memories in their fun.