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Love this moment.

This is my Favorite thing!
Families spending creative time together engaged in the moment and the love of togetherness. I often say to families, the family that creates together, stays together. It’s a time when everyone can express themselves and feel loved and understood as is.
Togetherness is da bomb.


I had heard the term Wabi-Sabi long ago and thought, I totally get that. I understand it to be a Japanese perspective essentially focusing on seeing beauty in the flaws of things like cracks, chips or worn spots. Each of those marks has a story to tell or a memory to spark. A tea cup that is worn and cracked might convey an unfolding story of how many hundreds of cups of tea that cup held. How many quiet moments in thought and perspective or how many conversations had been had. I’ve even heard that some artists in Japan fill pieces with cracks with gold to accentuate the beauty of the flaw and it’s story. At home, I have a cracked coffee mug that is part of a set I love and chipped bowl that belonged to my Grandmother. When I see the chip I think of her and cooking time we spent together. I still miss my grandma. She shared so much of her story, her life with me. There is Wabi-Sabi in that.
I see the studio in a Wabi-Sabi way too, with our painted tables, paint dripped floors, even finger printed windows and walls. I reflect on how much creating has happened there. How many memories of proud smiles beaming, of thoughtful faces thinking as they create, of moments shared by families in creative time. It is a core human need to connect with one another. Somehow, a Wabi-Sabi mindset weaves into that connection while helping me see the beauty in what is. It keeps me present and appreciative of the past all at once.
Do any of your things have a Wabi-Sabi story to tell?

Community Fun!

Come paint rocks with us this Saturday between 10am-12pm at CReATE STUDIO. Girls Club Strong and CReATE host this FREE community event to paint rocks to hide around our communities and spread good vibes.

Express Yourself

Just color!
When I think of self expression I think of Madonna’s song, Express Yourself. They lyrics are about a different subject entirely but four simple words ring true, “Express Yourself, Respect Yourself”. I’ll explain. To express yourself is to resect yourself. As humans we have an innate need to do so and have since our baby beginnings. We cried, we smiled, we hugged, we stacked, colored, painted,drew, played dress-up, wore make-up, tried personal styles, all to express our thoughts, our needs, our perspectives. From the beginning of our lives It’s been a perpetual evolution of creative expressing and I was in it.
I was always expressing myself, creating forts and spaces, decorating my room at home, exploring my looks, my make-up, my hair color, my clothes, I went on like that for a long time until,  until I forgot.
I became an adult and I forgot about expressing myself. I got distracted by social connections, places to go, jobs to have, dating to do, and a career to form. I was too busy to color, draw, paint decorate or sew. I didn’t even have fun with make-up anymore. I was too grown.Ok, I kept the dim light of creativity burning deep in my soul but I wasn’t really listening. I went on like that, career, social life, who was who and what was where until again, until I started working on creating a family. It sparked the pilot light that had been burning. I was creating something new. A different kind of life, I was a partner and building our nest was so much fun. I started creating again, I started painting walls, distressing furniture, sewing pillows and mosaic flower pots. We built a garden, I had a baby, I was back into creating my life, creating and coloring it with my self expression, my style, my vision. The more I created the more I created. Creativity is like that. Wen you do it, even in little ways it kicks in and starts to filter into everything other thing you do. Then, my life got tricky, I got divorced and the creativity simmered to a pilot again. As I continued to raise my kids and be involved in their classrooms creativity called on me, thank goodness. The campus wanted to be updated and I created, I started to feel inspired, to create tile walls, murals, display cases, anything I could get my hands on. I was coloring my life again. As time went on and my kids grew I realized that I liked to create spaces, helping friends have a new way to be in their homes, a new way to see their belongings. I liked making spaces that were inspiring. Creating helped me get back to respecting myself by expressing myself. In the divorce process I realized I had lost my sense of self in the tangle of undoing a family. But the creating, adding color to spaces and places bought me back to me, to my need to create more. Eventually after one of our visits to LACMA I realized I had to create a space where people of all ages could express themselves, their way. That grew a blaze of firelight in me, to make space where everyone could color their day, their world, their way. Like Madonna says, Express Yourself, Respect Yourself”
Today, add a little color to your world. No matter what else is going on, no matter what life is asking of you, express yourself by coloring a little something that is the expression of you.
Here’s a little  coloring page  I made for you. It’s just for fun and it’s just for you. Express yourself, Respect Yourself.

xo Jemma

Pretty Skill

@kristinavirtuedesigns stopped by to bring us this lovely quote board to display.
We’re formulating a series of Modern Calligraphy classes she’ll be teaching here at CReATE.
In the meantime you can meet her and get her complimentary help to create pretty words on terra cotta pots at next week’s Pinspired Project Night at CReATE, 6/1 from 7-10pm. Join us and get your skill on. R.S.V.P. a must.

Call us at 818-575-9566

Your Way…

Creating your way is our way Tuesday-Friday 11am to 6pm and Weekends from 12-4pm

Good Reuse

Another canvas from our friend @thepaintery_com who donated to us for creative reuse gets revamped with this good vibe saying.

Quality Time

As Weil once said, “attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” and I agree. Giving our attention to the people we love is the deepest gif.
Yesterday, a mother and daughter visited the studio to spend some quality time together. There were younger children at home and this time was for the oldest. She gave her daughter the most wonderful gift of her attentive time. For two hours they conferred on ideas, searched for materials that were just right and created lots of projects made with love. In the big picture of life it was just two hours , but the depth that was created was immeasurable.
Quality time doesn’t have to be much time at all. The secret ingredient is our attentiveness to it and the person we are sharing it with. Think back to precious memory moments in your life. What were they made of? My guess is they had to do with connective time. I remember a special moment with my dad. We were just sitting at the dinner table one night and he was drawing little pictures for me on scratch paper. They were of whatever I asked him to create. I must have been 9 or 10 then but four decades later I still remember that special time warmly. A little time goes a long way and I love that CReATE can be a part of building connective moments.

Family Fun.

I had a great time teaching these ladies to machine sew. The family that sews together has more fun together…

Our Arpil sewing classes start on Tuesday with Intro to Machine Sewing and continue on Thursday with Machine Sewing Two.

Come build your sewing skills with us!

Creativity is a verb

The more I read Spark by John J. Ratey as mentioned in a prior post, the more I understand our innate need for movement and the more I see that creativity includes movement. The act of creating is physical. It may not always include grand gestures but it does call our bodies to move.
I had once heard that when babies are very young and their arms, legs and heads make twitchy, ongoing movements during awake time that’s their bodies natural action to keep their tiny muscles from getting atrophied while they are too young to move on their own.
We are built to move and we are built to, among other things, create too. I notice that the way we create at the studio is centered around movement. As Spark had mentioned, movement makes us feel good and I know creating does too. We are not designed to sit for long stints, we are designed to move and to make!
In a world where the topic of health is a primary focus I would love to see the focus points listed and communicated by health care professionals add create to their recommendation as DIET, EXERCISE, CREATE. This is a well rounded recipe for good health in our young and old. I know in my heart that when all three are incorporated into daily living we are treating our bodies and minds the way we were made to which allows us to share the good we have inside.
Go forth and eat well, move often and create what’s in your heart.