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Here’s an idea…

​Creating at home idea number 8- find a table you you can get messy!

There’s a good chance you have an old coffee table, work bench or dining table at home that has been worked over by  life, so add some color, some doodles or scratches and make it your creativity table, a space for projects that require some free thinking.

A messy, marked up table is like a porthole to new ideas and fresh perspectives. We know this to be true.


​Creating at home idea 6.

Make wrapping paper out of magazine or newspaper pages for something fun when gift giving. The paper can be jazzed up with a little ribbon, yarn, washi tape or even a sprig from your garden. It’s a bonus to watch your gift recipient trying to figure out what it is before unwrapping too!

Creating at home…

​We had a fun idea at our Pinspired Night for something crafty to do at home. 

If you have clips or clothes pins laying around, go on a hunt for little trinkets or treasures to glue on one side of them. Then they can can clipped  to paperwork, snack bags, lamp shades or message borards. 

We are sure that doing so will jazz up your day. So, make it a crafternoon and get started!

Art at Home…

​Here’s a fun D.I.Y. at home idea for preteens and teens.

Try art journaling with things around the house. Take a composition book or other blank book (lined paper ok) and use it as a creative outlet with doodles, magazine page clippings, markers, stickers or paint. Just about any material can turn crafty with a little imagination. It’s a fun way to express ideas, feelings or like my daughter did here, a collage of favorite movie characters. So fun!

D.I.Y. Rubber Stamps!

​Cork stamps!

This makes a fun “reuse at home” activity.

Grab a few corks you may have laying around and some cardboard or foamy stickers to cut into shapes and top the corks. Stick them on and your ready to stamp. Fun!