Happy Earth Month

I love April. It’s springtime, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and a fair amount of focus points to Earth day. I say, happy Earth month!

Earth day is April 22nd, for a period of time, recycling and reuse are the talk of the town. It feels like a birthday, a time to celebrate and remember. To remember what we have and how to care for it, mindfully with our interactions with things.

This month we spotlight Metal, we also share our #30daysofreuse coloring calendar, I have also been making YouTube videos with project prompts as part of our creating-at-home series. I generally sing from the hilltops about reuse through creativity. Creativity is an aspect of our thinking and intuition, a part of how we express ourselves. Reuse strikes me as a perfect partner in the process of creating.

I am so glad to have you with us in this season and all others where I will continue to sing this song in the hopes that the tune will be catchy and your family will want to sing along.