Machine Sewing for Kids

I love being able to sew on a machine. Machine sewing is a wonderful skill to have. Once you have the basics down you can really try your hand at most kinds of sewing projects; making pillows, clothes, toys, accessories, and more! I teach machine sewing in the spirit of how my grandmother taught me, working with kids to establish a basic understanding of the machine and how it helps the sewer express their creativity.

I offer two levels of classes for sewers; Beginner and Project. Once sewers take my beginner class, they can explore how to make what they want to make in the project class. Sometimes what they sew stems from an idea they have, or it’s a project we find together through my sewing resources, and sometimes, they like to “wing it”, making what comes to mind at the moment. That was the kind of sewer I was as a kid.

Whatever kind of sewer kids are, I love being a part of their process of self-discovery as they sew with me. Machine sewing is a great skill that empowers the creativity of the sewer to sew their world and what goes in it. They can use it throughout their lives.

The project pictured here by 7-year-old Heidi started with an inspiration to make a stuffed baby. Then the baby needed a mattress, a pillow, a blanket, and of course, a little stuffed animal. Because Heidi had taken basic sewing with me and now is a project sewer she has the basic skills she needs to create whatever she dreams up, and here, she did.

It was fun to watch her process, her independence. She knew what she wanted to make and how she was going to do it. That is my dream for kids.
Learn about my machine sewing classes here. Let’s get your creative kid sewing!

Jemma W.