Valentine Love

I love the way kids embrace Valentine’s Day!  They immediately “get” the idea of showing love, without judgement.   For me, homemade Valentines are the gold standard.  Plus, making them is a great family craft activity, with lasting memories.  I recall with great affection how my mom would set out the construction paper, doilies, glitter and glue and we would make one-of-a-kind masterpieces to send to grandparents and friends. 

However, when a Valentine is required for every kid in a large class (or grade!), homemade Valentines can seem overwhelming.  Here’s an idea that can be made on a larger scale and still keep Valentines eco-friendly: seed paper!  You can make your own, or you can buy it by the sheet or even already pre-cut into hearts.  Attach your heart-shaped seed paper to a recycled paper card with a clever line like “Love Grows” and instructions to plant the card, and you’re set.  If seed paper seems too daunting, you can attach small seed packets instead. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Check out our seasonal inspirations page for more ideas. I hope you have a fun time creating your masterpieces and making lasting family memories.


Alora C. 

Sustainabiliity Planner