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Happy Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s around the world. You are gifts to us all. Thank you for being you and helping to shape us.


Love the way these simply chic rustic signs turned out at last Nights Pinspired Project night. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Nothing in nature is exhausted in its first use”. Especially not sticks.


Join us for some SLIME TIME today from 2-4. Is scientific fun!
Regular studio fees apply.

Learn something new.

It’s school project season at CReATE so we’re watching lots of learning come to life. We’re learning things too. This is a Horse Fly habitat and apparently Horseflies nest is the grass like this. Who knew!

Good Reuse

Another canvas from our friend @thepaintery_com who donated to us for creative reuse gets revamped with this good vibe saying.

Dream Big

Join CReATE STUDIO and Girls Club Strong at The City of Agoura Hills 2nd Annual Girls Night Out event tonight, geared toward teen and preteen girls. We’ll be hosting a free “Dream Big” booth with dream catchers making and big dream exploring from 5-8pm. See you there!


Happy May!

Spring is in bloom, Cinco de Mayo, Mothers Day and Memorial Day are special days to commemorate with treasures handmade at CReATE this month!
Let’s spend creative time together, reusing our resources wisely, exploring hands on making fun, working on school projects or just spending time tinkering with ideas and imaginings.
We can’t wait to see what you create!


Need a great gift? Grab a CReATE STUDIO gift certificate good for a single session or multiple visits to the studio where creativity flows free!
We’ll create a fun certificate for you while you wait.
Call ahead and We’ll have it ready when you arrive.

Eco Ambassadors

Its #30daysofreuse Day 24 And CReATE STUDIO is so excited to be the Eco ambassador for Brookside Elementary School’s campus this Earth week.
We are helping them collect used Crayola markers to submit to the Crayola Company for re use as fuel with the Crayola Color Cycle Program. What an awesome reuse and renewable opportunity.

Quality Time

As Weil once said, “attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” and I agree. Giving our attention to the people we love is the deepest gif.
Yesterday, a mother and daughter visited the studio to spend some quality time together. There were younger children at home and this time was for the oldest. She gave her daughter the most wonderful gift of her attentive time. For two hours they conferred on ideas, searched for materials that were just right and created lots of projects made with love. In the big picture of life it was just two hours , but the depth that was created was immeasurable.
Quality time doesn’t have to be much time at all. The secret ingredient is our attentiveness to it and the person we are sharing it with. Think back to precious memory moments in your life. What were they made of? My guess is they had to do with connective time. I remember a special moment with my dad. We were just sitting at the dinner table one night and he was drawing little pictures for me on scratch paper. They were of whatever I asked him to create. I must have been 9 or 10 then but four decades later I still remember that special time warmly. A little time goes a long way and I love that CReATE can be a part of building connective moments.