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Reyes Adobe Days

Sometimes it’s the funnest to fill a bottle with all kinds of stuff and that’s all.We’ve been having a blast with diy creating and our projects zone at Reyes Adobe Days. Join us tomorrow for more fun tomorrow from 11am-4pm at Reyes Adobe Park in Agoura Hills.

Come see us.

Welcome to our new studio entrance. It feels so open and welcoming, come visit us for some d.i.y. creating time. Come see us. We’re open 11am-6pm and weekends from 12-4pm.
We’d love to see you.

Creativity is in the air

We’re excited to be bringing our non-profit, CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS to partnering schools this fall. That means creativity will be flowing more freely on campuses we work with and you know we LOVE opportunities to foster creativity.

Bringing our reuse program to campuses means we set them up to put recycling into action by reusing campus cast-off materials for artistic outlets in creative exploration. Saving things they were once thought of as cast-offs makes them a raw material to create with and we know how well that works at create so schools get a win/win result for their participation.

It is so exciting to see what kids create with just a few basic items like cardboard, paper and some tape.  We know that exercising their creative muscles helps kids develop their thoughts and ideas through trouble shooting, problem solving and critical thinking. We found an article by  Serena O’Connor , the Head of Art at Walden School in the UK brings this value home. She expresses the need creative outlets for students and that art an important component of filling that need. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why at CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS we’re on a mission to connect kids with creativity, one recycled material at a time.
Learn more about our non-profit CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS

Fond moments.

Looking forward to messy toddler art fun tomorrow morning.
Since my kids are older now, spending a morning with little creators, exploring, trying, and generally making is just the next best thing to my time as a young mama where it was all about now.

Make it a Paint date!

I love this painting! It’s our featured painting for the @thepaintery_com visit to lead a paint night here at CReATE on 10/10 6:30-9:30pm
This painting can be altered, painted in this way or with other colors to bring out halloween or a fun fall spirit!
Sign up now at
We can’t wait to paint with you!

Happy October

The leaves are turning and the crispness of fall is in the air.

We love October and all the inspiration it brings. Come enjoy festive creating with us as we spotlight the world of Cardborad all month, have Fimo Clay on hand for you to try.

We have great workshops and classes this month, hand selected just for you and your kids.

Sign up for Kristina Virturs awesome new Modern Calliraphy inspired Pumpkin decorating workshop this Thursday and a Paint Night workshop next Wedneaday, both to give adults a needed creative outlet for fulfilling self expression.

For your kids this month we have classes to nurture their skill sets with Machine Sewing with Jemma Wildermuth, Cursive Handwriting for Gradeschoolers with Kristina Virtue and Messy Toddler Art Fun with Jemma to nurture the core sense of curiosity and playful creativity that lays within each little soul.

We have some goofy Halloween fun like Making Boo Bags to share with friends and Spooky Slime to bring hands on gooey fun t o kids of all ages on October 19th.

Come create with us as we take our creativity the road as we host free project creating for kids and families throughout Reyes Adobe Days on October 12th-15th. We’ll be at the Westlake Village City Celebration with a Free Eco Shredded Pumpkin Making booth on October 20th. We’ll be making campus visits to ACACIA Elementary on October 26th and EARTHS Elementary and MATES Elementary on October 27th.

We can’t wait to connect with you through creativity this month with our ongoing emphasis on recycling and reuse.

Bubble Fun!

Tensile bubble success!
This was a great wrap-up activity to our September STEAM workshop series with it’s nod to exploration, inspiration and basic order format for making bubbles on a stretcher frame.
Thanks to Pinterest inspiration from Babble Dabble Do for hands on learning fun.


The importance of Art

If your reading this blog you know art is important, but do you know why?

As dancer Twyla Tharp once said, “art is the only way to run away without leaving the house.”

The truth of that statement has fluttered about the internet this week as the importance of art once again rises to the surface of our consciousness.
I have long enjoyed the quote and it’s implications to run away or escape into more aptly our own  space to really be ourselves and to explore new worlds with colorful doorways to imagination. We can express ourselves,go somewhere, anywhere we like. It’s as if we have Willy Wonka’s world at our beck and call with art. Dream it, create it, see it.

The hard part is that art for the majority, art doing, especially for kids isn’t about their expression, Its often about their exposure to other peoples art, someone else’s expression. When kids do art or view it, they are tuning  into the artists way of expressing and not the children’s own. Art is wonderful to appreciate and learn about but it’s most nurturing when kids and adults are encouraged to create their own art, their own way. Art is important because it transports us to deep places within and spaces that art far out, all while we are sitting or standing in one place. This is where confidence waits to grow and flourish, this is where we, as humans get to feel our wholeness. Art doesn’t have to be a passion to be powerful. It can be subtly revealing things we like and things we don’t. It can help us say what no words can attempt. it can make us feel giggle and mad, all at once.

I sense that we as today’s parents want our kids to feel confident, to lead yet, we direct them, steer them, even control them away from their escapes into self expression.
In part, I built CReATE STUDIO to be an art studio where running away without leaving the space is encouraged. For kids, to dive into their own world of interest, colored just the way they like it to enhance their self regard, confidence and to strengthen their abilities to be resourceful. Our kids deserve the same play in the mud mindsets we had as kids to let ideas unfold into other ideas, bigger ideas for hours on end.
Kids NEED to be creative whether they everything not art. Art is the vehicle of self expression. It helps us honor who we are. Painting with gobs of color until it all turns brown, taping tones of paper together until it becomes a flying carpet on the living room floor, with doodled instruments and secret compartments. It’s all good stuff.
Art is big and broad and free and the perfect way for you to be you and me to be me.

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall from CReATE STUDIO!We love the inspiration that fall brings and creations like this paint poured pumpkin by our Paint Pouring instructor, Alison Mytych. It’s so marbly fun with all it’s fall colorings.

A Vision

Styrofoam has never looked so good. With a vision and an array of chalk pastels brings a work of modern art to life.