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Big News!

It’s official!
We’re taking our studio on the road full time in a mobile pop-up format.
Instead of coming to us, we come to you for birthday parties, field trips, camps, community events, workshops, tinkering time and so much more.
The sky’s the limit now!

We’re Open

We’re open even though we’re not “open”.

CReATE is about so much more than the physical space that must have doors closed as a non-essential business entity and way more than a physical studio space in general.

This Pandemic era reminds me that doors to walk through are actually a smaller part of what we’re about. CReATE is about creativity for kids and families. The value of reuse to connect to creativity and the environment. Creating a shift in how we recycle at home, weaving a reuse mindset through households, schools and communities. We become creative explorers in this way.

Right now, CReATE is using some of our core methods to reach you through our our website, email newsletter and fun Eco Craft Kits. We’ve folded in a few new ways through the sharing weekly YouTube videos  with easy at-home DIY eco craft projects and Zoom Scavenger Hunt workshops for kids at home.

We’re working on something new and great for CReATE which we’ll announce this Friday. Stay tuned and keep creating!

As mentioned, we are working on something new and great for CReATE which we’ll announce this Friday. Stay tuned and keep creating with us.

Jemma Wildermuth

Getting Inspired

I get the biggest kick out of seeing what kids make from everyday things. What they see in a scrunched piece of paper with some tape and a popsicle stick could be the most interesting creature in the sea.

Kids often see, in these household materials, the inside of their imaginations. The physical things are placeholders for for the vastness they can dream. Check out our donations list for ideas of what you probably have on hand to reuse.

This Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Celebrate with your kids by inviting them to create with a cereal box, egg carton or plastic bottle to unlock their minds, making space for awareness of value reusing. They are natural thinkers and environmental stewards.

Everything came from the Earth somehow. Visit our CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS Materials page to get a glimpse of where materials begin and what can be found around us everyday on school campuses. Much of those materials are what we’d find at home too.

Honor Earth Day with us. Stimulate your kids imaginations with the recycling you have around you this week.

Jemma W

Opportunity to Pause

I feel like the universe has pressed pause and that’s a good thing.

COVID 19 has certainly changed our lives, at least for the time being. It’s been challenging to say the least but I can’t help but feel that the Universe has pressed pause for us all. The air is cleaner, the rivers are clearer, the nature is blooming. We’ve been told to step to the side of the lives we’ve been living. I see an amazing opportunity here.

They say that on the road to happiness one should pause to take stock along the way. Are we going the right way toward our happiness goals? Job, Family, Community?

I feel curious in this stillness. In my pause, I reflect, what I have been doing, how I have been living has been well intentioned for my goal but slightly off the mark I set long ago. It’s ok though. Thats what this time seems to be for- refection. Have I ever had a chance like this before? Have any of us?

Thank you for pressing the pause button Universe. We must have really needed it.

Let’s Zoom Together

I am excited to join the Zoom world this week with an Eco Scavenger Hunt Art Workshop!

Join Jemma Wildermuth, Owner at CReATE STUDIO for a super fun zoom workshop where kids can create Safari inspired animals using an assortment of materials they’ll get a list to gather before the workshop!
The workshop time will be spent sharing ideas and working on the animals while exploring different ideas for building and assembling their animal characters.

This workshop hones in on kids innate ability to be resourceful through their creative imaginings. At times like this we all need to nurture our resourceful nature. For this hour it’s about fun and focus on the task at hand-creating. We’ll all be creating from home!

Prior to the workshop each participant will get a list of materials to look for around the house for the workshop plus a drawing page to sketch out their animal. Those who collect all the items on the list will be entered into a drawing to win one of our Eco Craft Kits for lots more creating at home fun!

Eco Scavenger Hunt Art Workshop
4/9 4-5pm on Zoom!
$11 per participant
Email us to join the workshop. All necessary details will provided then.

30 Days of Reuse

As we are all in the stay-at-home mode we’ve got a great creative resource for a whole month of fun!

Explore our 30 Days of Reuse calendar with tips and ideas for creating at home every day with things you already have! The calendar is even a coloring page for the doodlers in your home.

We kick of the month with news print clothing on day one. Use the Sunday paper to make a shirt, skirt, hat or accessory. All you need is newsprint (wrapping paper, tissue paper or regular paper work great too.) and tape or a stapler for fastening pieces together.

The whole family can CReATE something to wear-then flaunt it all with a mini fashion show!

This is a time for resourcefulness and creativity. Our 30 Day Calendar is a great way to tap into those skills for fun.

We would love to see what you make. Tag us on Instagram @createstudio

Quote this!

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have.” – Unknown

This is true on so many levels these days. Now is a good time to take stock in the good we have around us. That is where our roots lie, in this goodness.

Cute Cacti Containers

Join us for a little creating at home that’s fun and fast. Visit our YouTube channel to get the scoop.

Back To Basics

We’re going to get creative.

Luckily our creativity is built in. As much as I have been talking to parents to postpone parties this week I have also been noticing some beautiful days.

The clouds have been magificent, cojuring memories of childhood days spent looking up at similar clouds. Back then I would find shapes in them, things they looked like to me. Those are such sweet memories.

Since we are all in safer-at-home mode, just about everytime I walk my dog I see people getting outside into the beautiful fresh air.
I my busy days lately I had been fantacized about laying in the grass to look at clouds the way I did when I was young and now with a much lighter schedule-it’s so easy to do.
Clouds in a blue sky are all we need to explore the present moment, enjoying our emerging creativity as we see the clouds turning into familiar things. We’ew going to be turning that creativity to how to entertain our selves, our families while we are here. There is a lot that is hard about what- is right now but there’s also a lot of emerging good. I think I will focus on that for now.

Jemma W.

Need a Creativity Boost?

Need a little creativity boost? You can pick up a CReATE grab bag (shopping bag) for your kids with a variety of our go-to material so they can imagine, explore and make with ease.
Contact us here to schedule a pick up.$5 per bag!