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Happy July!

We’re excited to create with you this month. We’ve got Camp CReATE and Camp CReATE TOTS, our Super Summer Slime Series with 4 great sessions of all you can make slime creating, field trip visits from two CVUSD campuses for Recycled Art fun along with our Wednesday through Sunday (W-F/11am-6pm and Sat/Sun-12-4pm) drop-in creating in our air conditioned studio and Parent’s Night out on Saturday, July 13th. We’ll start the fun with our Free CReATE booth at the 50th annual Westlake Village 4th of July Parade and event. Lets have creative summer fun together

Connection is the Heart

Tomorrow we start our week long half-day Eco Dollhouse Camp with the most important part of any home- the people who live there. That’s connection.
People often say the kitchen is the heart of the home but that is because it’s the place that draws people to it. The heart itself lies in the people who live there and how they connect with one another. Shame researcher, Brene Brown has said that connection is the ultimate human need. I would agree. We may connect in fits and starts but connect in a home we do. It’s how we feel love.
Connection, I would agree, next to food and shelter is the highest human need . It’s how we fit into this vast world. Connection was even woven into the idea that sparked my creating the studio, being one of the key elements to partner with creativity. I feel that connection and creativity go hand-in hand and elevate us. Whether it’s an individual experience in connecting with our own selves or a shared experience with the people in our lives on a creative endeavor.

I am so excited for this dollhouse camp because I believe it will bridge these two C’s in a beautiful way. Decorating a mini home and the people that live there will give our campers an avenue to create a connecting space for themselves as well as the family that lives there while making fellow camper friends and spending time with us, the studio staff. In these created worlds the kids can make everything as they would like it to be and when the week is done, they will take their creations home to their families and  share connections with them as they talk about their amazing projects and their week with us.
Last week was a skill centered camp, this week is a connection centered camp. We can’t wait!

Jemma W., Owner

She had skill

My grandmother, affectionately known in our family as Darling was a sewer. She had skill.
She’s the reason and the inspiration for why I teach kids and adults to sew now. An art studio is not the most likely place to learn to sew but because of the way Darling taught me it was the perfect fit for sewing at CReATE. She taught me with such an open mindset that gave way to endless hours of my creative explorations at her machine each summer. I learned from her that I could sew anything I dreamed up so I did and I loved it. Because of that nurturing I have become a sewer for life. It is a skill that runs deep in me and I want to share it, hoping to pass on a lifetime shill of sewing for others.

Tomorrow begins a week of machine sewing for campers at the studio and I can’t wait to be a part of the unlocking of this skill that channels all kinds of ideas and imaginings. This week Darling, though long passed on will be in my heart and my memories as the hum of machines run and the sparking of creativity flows.


Happy Father’s Day Dads!
We appreciate you and we celebrate you. Thank you for leading us along each day and showing us what can be.

Hello Summer!

Summer is a mindset.
It’s certainly about time off from school and our regular schedules but also the warmth of the air, sunshine and longer days that just feel like extra hours. The essence of it really strikes me as an easier time to be in the now. To take it all in. Now is where creativity lies in wait, to be seen and explored. Well then, hello there summer, you bring with you so many gifts.
Applying our creativity to the things we do is a wonderfully curious way to make the days more colorful, more memorable and fun. Let’s share time together in the zone of creativity and let summer unfold in it’s lovely now way each day.

Yay for Thursday

Yay for Thursday! Let’s get messy and curious together tomorrow morning, 6/6 at CReATE! Come join our Messy Toddler Art class at 10am for Puffy Chalk Painting and more!

Summer Fun

I can feel the spirit of summer fun approaching as school starts getting out for our area schools in the coming days. There’s something so special about summer and all that it invites to our days. Just the word means a change of pace and instantly calls forth thoughts of sandy beaches and sunsets.
I have my own warm summer feelings as we prepare for our summer camp programs, slime workshop series, our spotlight on shells and stones in June and Rock Painting fun in the sprit of the 4th at the 50th Annual Fourth of July Parade and event that finishes at Bernice Bennet Park!
This summer we are excited to offer two half day specialty camp weeks through our partnership with the City of Agoura Hills; the week of June 17th we’ve got a week long Machine Sewing Camp with a Stuffed Pal theme where sewers of all skill levels will explore and learn about the wonderful world of Machine Sewing while creating a stuffed pet pal along with comfy supplies like blankets blankets and pillows for their pals.
The week of June 24th we are hosting a recycled Doll House camp where kids will create and decorate the interiors of their big Cardboard Box house with all their flair and detail they can dream up! This is a great opportunity for kids to explore their inner designer as they create the perfect home with furniture and accessories they are sure to play all summer long!
The week of July 8th we’ll host our annual Camp CReATE half day camp series for kids age 6-12 with a different fun theme each day and materials to fit the theme as well as our signature free-style creating!
The week of July 15th we offer TOT Camp CReATE for kids age 4-6 with a different theme each day as well as materials that match our daily  themes and free-style creating fun!
I am excited to have the Slime fun back this July with our Super Summer Slime Series each July Friday from 3:30-5:30pm where kids can make as much of a different popular slime each week as they have time for!
We are also excited to be partnering with Conejo Recreation and Parks District to offer a weeklong half day Recycled Art Camp Series with a daily theme for hands-on making fun from 9a to 12pm.
You can see all our summer fun listed on our Happenings page.
We can’t wait to spend the summer with your families! Let’s create!


When five friends got together, they were on a roll!
It just so happened that there were five friends creating together and five giant rolls just waiting to be made. All it took was one friend to spark the inspiration with her elephant tube and just like that, the ideas flourished in a wild fit of creativity.
All the tubes became characters with different back stories but the best part was the way the process unfolded as their afternoon wove together in conversation, connection and creativity. It was a great example of how fun can flourish when time and space stand still long enough to let kids be. They inspired each other as they created and told the stories of who they were making. They were loving it. Just watching them, I felt like a kid again myself, caught up in the play that only imagination can coax.
At the end of their time they took their tube characters home. I imagine that now, when they look at them standing in the corners ofd their rooms, they are transported back to their crafty afternoon together. They created memories in their fun.

A creative mind is a happy mind

After watching The Creative Brain, a documentary now on Netflix, it’s confirmed, we are all creative! At the studio we say, “creativity is a thinking muscle in your brain” and like any muscle, it needs exercise! As film maker and neuroscientist David Eagleman states “creativity is what  brains do”. It’s really what shapes our whole world and when exercised not only fulfills us but can heal us and help us meet the demands of our changing world. The creative brain is a must see, kids can watch it too.
Our family lives are so scheduled an it’s taking it’s toll. Let’s heed our mental call to be more present, calm and creative. I see how positively creativity affects people, it brings balance to living. So this week I have  5  simple actions you can do to help spark your creativity and your connection to the present moment. Being creative doesn’t have to be fancy or hard, in fact, it should be enjoyable. It just needs some space in our thinking minds to flow through and into the ways we see many of the things we do each day, giving them a boost of fulfillment and flair.
Try any of these 5 creativity boosters to help your creativity flow.
1. Sit down and just listen to a favorite record or playlist.
2. Get outside and take a walk in nature.
3. Grab your phone or a camera to take 25 pictures of things you think are interesting.
4. Take a walk around a hardware store.
5. Read a magazine

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Join me

Tomorrow night is the big night!
It’s time for the 360 Talks. It’s an 8 speaker with 10 minutes of talk time format to inspire and inform. The event is hosted by The Las Virgenes Unified School District and Community 360.
Join me, Jemma Wildermuth as one of these 8 at 6pm tomorrow night in the Agoura High School PAEC where I’ll be talking about creating a reuse mindset. The Community 360 community cultivated 6 attributes aimed at helping all grade level students grow and develop as whole children. I am inspired to be a part of it!
Learn more about the program here
The 360 Talks are hosted at Agoura High School PAEC at 6pm.
28545 Driver Ave. Agoura Hills. CA.
Tickets available at
*photo credit Community 360 for LVUSD