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Love at CReATE

Happy February!

We have just kicked off our annual #createhearts campaign on instagram.

Each day in February we share a heart we see in the studio or the world around us. We hope that in doing so these daily shares spark more love in us and inspired more love in you. I believe that love expands when shared
and that it does make the world go round. It’s up to each of us to make ongoing connections to help it expand and grow.

Jemma W.

It’s a good time to be us

S.T.E.A.M., S.T.E.M., Whole Child, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Self Confidence, Process, Leadership, Creative Play, Collaboration and Innovation. These are words I hear a lot around the subject of children, especially connected to education.

Woo Hoo! We connect with all of them! At CReATE STUDIO and CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS we connect reuse with creativity and find it naturally matches up to these words, phrases and acronyms, organically.

I was talking to a teacher at one of our C.O.Y.C. schools and she shared that she noticed two boys creating walkie talkies from empty crayon boxes during their Art at Recess through our program. They had a whole story and imaginative experience going on with just few recycled campus materials. It’s a good time to do what you’re doing she said. It totally floats my boat to see kids create then play with what they make. When she described what she saw them doing I could see it too.
In the process of making and imagining kids are tapping into their own learning wells. They have skills to apply of of the terms I listed above. When they get excited or inspired these skills come into play and kids get engaged. I am excited about what we are doing at the studio and in schools. It’s creating a pathway for bright thinkers with the simplest materials.
The future is looking bright from here.

Jemma W.

We’re Open

Drop-in and create with us.

One of the things I love about CReATE is the drop-in studio time. We are open for drop-in creating five days a week so visitors can come in on a whim or on purpose to spend quality time expressing themselves or supporting someone else’s creative expression in a now kind of way.

Of course we offer classes and work shops throughout the month but our true passion lies in providing a space of freedom to make for the sake of making.

Come spend some time with us. I think it’s really quality time with yourself and your people. See our drop-in our hours here so you can have us in mind. We can’t wait to see you.
Jemma W.

Yes to mess of course

Exploration is the name of the game with our Messy Toddler Art Class.

CReATE is the perfect place for the curious nature of the toddler. We love mess and the way curiosity leads to creativity. We offer a weekly Messy Toddler art class on Thursday mornings where mess is a yes, of course.
The studio is a wonderful place to explore art modes without a grown-up worry. Everything ultimately washes off after all and that’s a good rule for life. We want kids to be free in art.

Toddlers can explore the studio and our weekly activities in their own organic way. They can paint, glue, stick and stack with our interesting materials. They can tune into what they find most interesting and fun each week. It’s messy and it’s fun. Thursdays from 10-11am. Yes!

Good Work.

We are so excited to launch our new C.S. Environmental pick-up and delivery service for home buyers and sellers!
Environment is important to us, creative reuse is our way to do what we can to contribute to lightening our carbon footprint. We know it’s not easy to reuse or to know who to donate to, especially when buying or selling a home where clean and tidy is the name of the game.
I have been there myself and getting to clean and tidy as a seller or buyer is not easy. On both ends of a sale, there are things to get rid of and fast.
We are here to help. We have tailored our service to a niche group of home buyers and sellers with our reuse know-how and skill.

Through our service we can pick-up unwanted items then deliver them to local charities and organizations in the Conejo Valley on your behalf. There are nearly 20 organizations in the Conejo that need what others don’t want.
Visit our C.S. Environmental page to see the organizations we donate to. You can explore all and the good these organizations provide through the web addresses we have listed. The items we pick-up and deliver can go a long way to helping each of the organizations achieve their goals for good.
That’s just the kind of win/win we strive for.
If you know someone in the process of moving who may need our service, contact us. We are here to help and glad to serve our Conejo Valley Community.

Making Space for Creativity

Plan to build this good habit now.

Join us This Friday, January 3rd for our Pinspired Project Night at CReATE. You can make any or all of our seasonal project inspirations and it will just fill you up.

Making space for your creativity is the answer to a lot of our woes. Making space for creativity means you make space in your life for you. Your creativity is where your expression gets heard. Our Pinspired Project Nights are not just about the projects, they are about the how the colors and textures inspire you. They are about putting materials together in a way that suits you. You’re honoring the person who’s attention and affections you most need to, your own. There is an expression, children should be seen and heard and believed. I think adults should too. Creating is one great way to do that.

Afterward, at home you get to admire what you made, tell your family about it and relive the self love you gave when you made it.

Creating isn’t the only way to honor yourself but it is a deep and loving way to let different parts of you come together all at once.
Make other spaces to value yourself through walking, reading, cooking etc., but let creativity have a priority space in your planner this year as you prepare for a well rounded 2020 starting with a Pinspired Project Night at CReATE.

Happy & Merry

Sock Friends
The Holidays are lovely opportunities for connection.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with tradition, good cheer, lots of reminiscing and love to last a lifetime. Make it all happy and merry.

Making Art

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”, Thomas Merton once said.
I found this to be true this weekend as I spent a Family Art Day at The California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks-CMATO.

The event was all about inviting community into the art experience. What better way than to connect with collaging. Our inspiration for the afternoon was Marjorie Salvaterra’s black and white photo exhibit currently on display.

It was great to see who came, a wonderful variety of people, some who had never collaged before. To see what awoke in them as they leafed through magazine pages and cut out the images that caught their eyes. No two collages were alike and they all had stories to tell.

I could see how fulfilling it was for them to be caught up in the spirit of making with amazing art surrounding them. Inspired by art, making art and getting swept away. What could be better on a Sunday afternoon.

Life is Messy

That’s what makes it so interesting.

Kids will say “this place is so messy” when they come to the studio for the first time. They don’t know what to make of the colorful paint splotches that don our studio. But, by the time they leave the studio I think they get it. Life is messy, it’s meant to be. Creating is often messy too . That is what makes doing it so much fun.

In our messy space everyone is free from any unconscious thoughts to keep order at all times. Kids can let mess happen and truly express themselves. That’s where the gold lies.

Messes aren’t perfect for every situation, not even at the studio. But our paint splattered tables, seating and floors give permission to let creativity flow freely. Next time you see a messy place, don’t knock it. A busy, messy life may be fully under way.

Messy Holiday Fun

Hands on making that’s all in fun.

We’re excited to be hosting a Super Holiday Slime Workshop series on Friday afternoons this month. We love to make slime in the spirit of science and exploration. It’s messy, it’s fun and it’s just the kid of hands-on making we know kids love too.

Participants age 6 and up can join us to make Clear Holiday Slime, Candy Cane Butter Slime and Gingerbread Slime to their hearts content. They can even make batches to give to friends for the holidays!
Get the full scoop and sign-up on our happenings page.
We’ll see you Friday!