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Pencil Us In

A “We’re Here” update.

As news changes come in and social distancing becomes more prevalent and necessary we are moving to an appointment only basis for studio visits from March 18th to March 29th.
This allows us to offer our wonderful creative space for one family or group at a time.
Call us to schedule your visit at 818-575-9566

We’re Here.

I think it’s important at a time like this to offer a sense of normalcy.

Having our creative outlet available during school and business closures is a reprieve from the uncertainty of the coming weeks.

A bit of creativity is just the thing to connect us with the present moment and one another.

We are taking lots of precautions to stay clean in our yes to mess space by applying a single use model for our materials, table spaces, tools, aprons and of course lots of hand washing. We are set up for orderly mess that cleans easy while offering the same unique exploratory spirit!

Drop in and CReATE with us this week during our regular business hours, weekends 12-4 and Wed-Fri, 11am-6pm. I hope to see you soon.

Jemma W.

Love Her

My Cup Is Always Full Thanks To Oprah

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus tour presented by WW (Weight Watchers). It was such an inspiring day.
Oprah is someone I have long admired. I love “her way” as my friend Linda says. I derive a lot of inspiration from her Super Soul Sunday Podcast as well as the general work and advocation I see her doing. It all seems to lead to making the world a better place and that motivates me.
In making some of my business decisions I have have wondered, how does Oprah do it? She strikes me as a grounded person who doesn’t sway with every storm. That’s something I work on regularly.
We received a swag bag at the event and this stainless steel cup was inside.
I love the message, “My cup is always full”, the double meaning of it and the reminder to hydrate!
My cup is always full was the goal I felt was intended for all of us as participants in the 2020 event. It’s also where I want to keep my day to day focus. Oprah had workbooks for us to follow, mediations to do, dance moves to try and many inspiring stories to hear. We explored how our lives can be fuller. In a time where the talk out in the world seems to be saying my cup is empty I am grateful to have Oprah and this cup with a simple reminder that my cup is always full.

Making in March.

The spirit of spring is in the air with a fresh buzz of creativity.

March is a great month to create Leprechaun Traps and other wacky projects for Saint Patrick’s Day as well as Messy Toddler Fun, school projects , sewing projects and birthday celebrations too. We have some on the road fun too. Be sure to check out our happenings calendar for dates.

Save the date and join us for our next Pinspired Project Night for adults this Friday from 7-10pm and our Parent’s Night Out where the kids create and you go out next Saturday, March 14th from 6-9pm.

At CReATE there is always fun to be had, creations to be made. We love being there for you and any creative fun you want to have. Let’s spend some time together this month.

Jemma W.


I’m Reading

The Gift of Failure

I’m reading this book on the recommendation of my friend. I wanted to know how the author, Jessica Lahey was going to talk about the benefits of failure for kids. My kids are older but we have lots of kids coming to the studio and more over, I wanted to know how this idea might connect with our CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS programs on school campuses.

I am nearly finished with the book. I am so glad to see that our philosophy for kids is in alignment with her message. We notice how confidence and successes are gleaned as a natural consequence when kids make stuff. Trial and error are part of the process of creating things. Ideas don’t always translate to physical form but kids don’t mind when they set the pace. They are too busy being engaged in what they are making to think about problems.

Among her many subject points, Jessica talks about creating opportunities for kids to find autonomy in the things they do. That’s another benefit of our free-style way. Autonomy is born into our self guided setting as kids create from their own imaginings.
I am enjoying her book and inspired for my own parenting of young adult daughters. I also appreciate the validation of what I feel is so important for kids, to do the things they can in their own way and for themselves.

Jessica will be speaking through our local school district, Las Virgenes Unified School District on March 18th. Click here is you want to learn more.

-Jemma W.
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Creating for your home

I have chosen the project line-up for our next Pinspired craft night on Friday, March 6th. It dawned on me that the projects I chose are perfect to decorate your home with subtlety.

One of the aspects of each season that I enjoy is an opportunity to nest my home for myself and my daughter. My kids are older now but we all love the simple nurturing that a decorated space provides for us.
Whether you are a serious holiday celebrator or just like to change things up now and again these projects are sure to help shape your space.

My favorite project in the line-up is the bundled farmhouse books because you can stamp any word combination you like. Try your family names, a favorite movie theme or even to say, “What’s For Dinner” in your kitchen.

Each project idea can be an inspiration for something else you dream up or matched to the pictures we chose.

Sign-up to join us on the 6th for an evening of nesting fun.
Jemma W.

We like being friends

As Club CReATE members we see you more often!

Being Club CReATE members has bonus perks we hadn’t thought of , friendship.
A side effect of visiting the studio more regularly as members means we get to know you better and we like that. We enjoy being on a first name basis with you. We tend to touch base about life our mutual life happenings. It’s a natural process when you see a person more often. It’s also an important part of feeling connected in community. We thought that a more regular connection to creativity through our monthly membership program was the core benefit of being a member but friendship is proving to be the best perk. We really enjoy getting to know and creating with our Club CReATE members, our friends.

Learn more about our Club CReATE program here.

Love at CReATE

Happy February!

We have just kicked off our annual #createhearts campaign on instagram.

Each day in February we share a heart we see in the studio or the world around us. We hope that in doing so these daily shares spark more love in us and inspired more love in you. I believe that love expands when shared
and that it does make the world go round. It’s up to each of us to make ongoing connections to help it expand and grow.

Jemma W.

It’s a good time to be us

S.T.E.A.M., S.T.E.M., Whole Child, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Self Confidence, Process, Leadership, Creative Play, Collaboration and Innovation. These are words I hear a lot around the subject of children, especially connected to education.

Woo Hoo! We connect with all of them! At CReATE STUDIO and CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS we connect reuse with creativity and find it naturally matches up to these words, phrases and acronyms, organically.

I was talking to a teacher at one of our C.O.Y.C. schools and she shared that she noticed two boys creating walkie talkies from empty crayon boxes during their Art at Recess through our program. They had a whole story and imaginative experience going on with just few recycled campus materials. It’s a good time to do what you’re doing she said. It totally floats my boat to see kids create then play with what they make. When she described what she saw them doing I could see it too.
In the process of making and imagining kids are tapping into their own learning wells. They have skills to apply of of the terms I listed above. When they get excited or inspired these skills come into play and kids get engaged. I am excited about what we are doing at the studio and in schools. It’s creating a pathway for bright thinkers with the simplest materials.
The future is looking bright from here.

Jemma W.

We’re Open

Drop-in and create with us.

One of the things I love about CReATE is the drop-in studio time. We are open for drop-in creating five days a week so visitors can come in on a whim or on purpose to spend quality time expressing themselves or supporting someone else’s creative expression in a now kind of way.

Of course we offer classes and work shops throughout the month but our true passion lies in providing a space of freedom to make for the sake of making.

Come spend some time with us. I think it’s really quality time with yourself and your people. See our drop-in our hours here so you can have us in mind. We can’t wait to see you.
Jemma W.