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Building Dreams

Thursday night was great fun during the two workshops happening at CReATE. For the Creating A Successful Business You Love workshop it was a great exercise to make paper prayer flags with a one word money mindset we want to integrate into our financial thinking to help us build on our dreams for a limit free life! FLOW says it all!

Crafternoon Fun

We’re looking forward to hosting another Free Pinspired Family Crafternoon this Sunday, August 12th at the Thousand Oaks Library from 1-4pm.
We’ll be creating all things Mason Jar! Come join the crafty fun!


Creating A Vision

I loved making a vision board to help me envision where I want my business to grow during last month’s Creative Business workshop with Michelle Perkins and now it’s time for the next session at CReATE STUDIO tomorrow evening, 8/9 from 6:30 to 9pm.

Michelle’s got great plans for establishing your best money Mantras and I have a creative way to help them stick. Join us.

Call 818-575-9566


Building Basics

Any good interior needs an exterior to work off of. Nothing like building an eco house from a moving box to make the right kind of homestead for egg carton furniture (still to come) during our mini camp this week.

The best part of this process is watching the invisible wheels of creativity spin as the kids dream up details for their super homes.


Grateful Lifelong Learner

This week I participated IN a class at CReATE as a student and I was grateful for it.
Taking Kristina Virtue’s Intro To Calligraphy class on Thursday Night was a happy reminder to keep-on learning. She gave us lots of tips, tools and tricks to bring Modern Calligraphy into our everyday with one key ingredient, practice. Isn’t that just what we’d tell our kids? Practice makes…better than before at least. I am not after perfection but, I am after I realize, continued learning. That is a growing interest of mine. It comes later that it would have served me best but maybe now is the right time to actually enjoy it. After the class, knowing that I wasn’t seeking to be a master calligraphist I have been playing over cups of coffee and in my weekly planner as I map out my days with my calligraphy style and each time feel somewhat like a kid again, excited by this new thing, Modern Calligraphy. Maybe that’s what learning offers us always. A glimpse into the giddy moments of our childhood years where magic resided in the little things.


Eco Dollhouse Furniture Fun!

Little furniture is the funnest!
Do you have a young decorator at home?
We’re so excited about our upcoming Eggcellent Eco Doll House Mini Craft Camp next week were we’ll decorate mini rooms with egg carton based furniture like this!
Sign your kids up with us 8/6-8/8 from 9am to 12pm They’ll create the interiors of their dreams with egg carton flair! Perfect for kids age 6 and up.


Sprinkle a little spontaneity on your day.
It’s a great way to move to the side of your scheduled day where you don’t have a plan, to let time unfold as it really does when we’re not trying to parent it. How about starting with with a half hour! Spontaneity is where play lives, it’s got organic vibes and it can lead to bursts of happiness and dial you into your creativity because it anchors you to the present. I love what Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” To my thinking, when we play around with bringing Spontaneity into our fold, finding the inner jewels can be a profound act of love.
I think I could choose almost any picture I’ve taken at the studio to convey this present minded state since most creating that kids do at the studio appears to come alive in the moment, spontaneously where creativity flows. This can happen for us too.
I am taken with this word and the beneficial ingredient it is for your ongoing efforts to build a quality life for you and your family.  It’s just as mindful as mindfulness and is something that we can all use more of.

Creating at home.

Ahoy Matey from aboard a swift cork raft!
Make yer own raft with a few corks and rubber bands for an easy and fun creating at home project. Add a toothpick for a mast and a triangle of paper (taped or glued) for a sail. Great for bath or pool time fun! (*watch for small parts with the little ones)

Last Slime Time Summer Day

We have one more Summer Slime Time day tomorrow, 7/27 from 3:30-5:30pm where kids spend time in the present moment making hands-on recipes of simple chemistry magic.
It may just look like slime but there’s a world of response and reaction happening with the ingredients that connects us to the wonders of science.
Call us at 818-575-9566 to sign-up your slime lover. There are just a few spots left!


We’re in the Acorn!

We’re honored to be included in Whitney Schwartz’s Healthy Lifestyle Includes Reusing, Recycling Trash article on page 32 of last week’s issue of The Acorn Newspaper mentioned as one of the local places that reuse and recycle to help our planet! We love bridging a connection between creativity and recycling for reuse. Whitney’s article gave us inspiration as we learned in her article about other ways local businesses are making an environmental connection.