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Happy December!

We’re off to a great start with birthday celebrating and this sleek looking paper plate Wyvern Dragon. One plate cut just the right way makes this ancient creature and sparks resourcefulness in our creators.

We have a creative month in store for you with our Pinspired Project Night on the 7th, Parents Night Out on the 8th, Paint Pouring on the 14th, and our collaborative half day Artys Yoga Camp with @littlefoxyoga to name a few.
Let the creative reuse fun begin!


Family Activity

We have one last Spotlight on Natural Things to share before November ends. On this fall day make a family moment to head outside for a walk and look for an item from nature; a pinecone, a branch or a leaf and really look at it. You’ll see order and intricate details that must be magical. It is the simple things that make life sweet.

Curiosity lead me to creation

As a girl  I spent a lot of time at my grandparents, Darling and Grandad’s house. My only-child status seemed to trigger my curious nature to explore their house. I was a looky-loo. I could spend hours going through the kitchen junk drawer and any other drawer looking to see what I would find. I was so curious. The more random and everyday the finds were, the better. Those times were magical for me. My grandparents kept all sorts of things that made every drawer feel like a keep sake box. I felt like I was going on little odysseys as I sorted and sifted through notes, jars, trays and the like.

Years later when I’d grown up and my grandparents had both passed away I found myself going through those magical drawers. I came away with a small bag of special treasures from the famed kitchen drawer that I saved for just the right occasion. When my girls were small we got an idea for an art project that the junk drawer bag would be perfect for. As we laid out the contents of the bag and thought of our Beach Birthday Party theme we had the loveliest time sharing in the curiousness of exploring my Darlings kitchen junk drawer things. Most of them made it onto our mixed media collaboration and touch my heart still as I look at the finished creation hanging on a wall at our home today. The things from her drawer that are still most wondrous to me are the handmade candle for her 21st birthday, the $2 bill and the bottom half of a heart shaped china box. They are nothing to look at per say but they carry curious wonderings about their origins and why she kept them for all those years. It’s funny to connect my childhood experiences as an explorer to the studio I have created that I now realize has a touch of her junk drawer magic available for all who create with our recycled this and that selection.
Creating the piece with my girls back in 2004 was a beautiful, presence filled experience. I want that kind of memory for you and the ones you love after you’ve spent time together at CReATE. Keep curiosity with you and I know you will.


Happy Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from CReATE STUDIO! May your day be filled with gratitude, love, connection, joy and creativity!


A new week

“Last week is behind us, a new week lies ahead”.
I attended a Bat Mitzvah this weekend. It was a lovely service and one that had to be relocated due to the Woolsey Fire’s path. There were mentions woven into the service about the fires and homes lost. Everyone attending could relate to the destruction and upheaval the fires and Borderline shooting had caused. The Rabbi closed the service with a prayer that felt like grace. He said, “Last week is behind us, a new week lies ahead” and as he said it, I could feel the ash and smoke lifting as the breeze of a new week lay like promise on the horizon of my mind.


It was a treat to see this fantastic doodle by my friend donna who decided to try out the calligraphy pens on our “Try It” tray. It seemed to take her just a few minutes to create but appears to have hours of detail in it.


Holiday Fun!

Here’s a little festive holiday pre-inspiration.
Come in and get inspired to make some holiday joy for your home ❤


We’re open for drop-in fun. Come play!
11-6 today, tomorrow and Friday and weekends 12-4.

We are close 11/9 -11/13

Due to fire evacuations in our area CReATE STUDIO is closed until 11/14 at 11am.
Sending love and prayers to everyone affected.

Paint Pouring Night

Excited to see more #paintpouring fun with teacher Alison Mytych at CReATE this Friday Night, 11/9 from 6:30-9:30pmMay the paint cells flow…There are a few spots left.Call us to book yours818-575-9566