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We’re open for drop-in fun. Come play!
11-6 today, tomorrow and Friday and weekends 12-4.

We are close 11/9 -11/13

Due to fire evacuations in our area CReATE STUDIO is closed until 11/14 at 11am.
Sending love and prayers to everyone affected.

Paint Pouring Night

Excited to see more #paintpouring fun with teacher Alison Mytych at CReATE this Friday Night, 11/9 from 6:30-9:30pmMay the paint cells flow…There are a few spots left.Call us to book yours818-575-9566

Creating Connection

I was listening to Danielle LaPorte on audio this morning as she talked about tuning into how we want to feel. As I thought about it and pulled up to work I was reminded of one of my Whys for starting the studio. It was because I wanted to make a place where people could connect. I have to go deeper here, that desire was sparked on a visit to LACMA with my girls one afternoon. The whole kids museum was so in-line with where my head was at with it’s various interactive¬† Recycling exhibits, the creations people left behind in the d.i.y art area and the harmony I felt as grandmas and grandpas, friends, parents and kids spent time making cardboard creations. There was harmony and there was connection. It took my breath away to see how so many different people shared commonality in the hands-on process of creating.
I loved sharing time with my girls that afternoon as we lingered over materials and I noticed the nuances of people spending time together. I think I have spent time every day since then, the summer of 2008 thinking about connection and how I can create the space that nurtures it.
Come and spend some time with us, we may chat you up, we will let you be and we will look to create a spark of connection for you to nurture for yourselves and those you love. Time continues on, seasons change but our connections make everything worth while.


Happy Creating!

Happy Halloween from the CReATE STUDIO Crew!
We hope you have a hauntingly good time! While your home waiting for the evening festivities try our Happy Creating at Home idea, making a Q-tip skeleton!

To start:
gather Q-tips
cotton balls
Then: lay out your Q-tips in your own skeletal style on a protected surface and place your cotton balls for a head or a few then glue! Let dry for a few hours then display! Your creation should be dry by the time you get home from trick-or-treating!

The Re Odyssey

When I am posting on social media and hashtagging words, I wind up including lots of words that start with Re. That lead me on a thinking odyssey, I can put a “re” in front of tons of words that connect to creativity and get a descriptive match to our creative reuse sensibilities!
When kids and adults recycle by reusing they are applying these R’s and that’s exactly the things we need to be doing not just in art but in an everyday way!
When it comes to recycling it’s all about the “Re”.
Try applying it to the things you don’t want any more. It’s good food for thought.

Cardboard Fun.

This month we put a spotlight on Cardboard at the studio, taking a look at how it’s made, what artists do with it and how we use it.
We get lots of boxes that we cut up for reuse.
Cardboard is a go-to at the studio for getting parties started and for troop visits. In both cases we make these mini cardboard canvases with popsicle stick easels.
Kids love to paint their own mini masterpieces to showcase at home.

Creating at Home Idea 15

Hey kids! Make your own confetti!
This is a fun way to reuse everyday packaging pieces to make a fancy craft embellishment to create with at home.
You can collect the shiny or interestingly printed tear tops from food packaging like coffee, trail mix and chips. I collected the tops from bags that have a zip lock closure (where no food touches).
You can also use wrapping paper or any shiny plastic scraps. Once you’ve gathered a batch of packaging tops or paper, cut them into strips , then stack them on top of one another and cut them into bits between 1/4″ and 1/2″ to make your confetti. Collect your confetti for use with any creating you do at home.

Westlake Village City Celebration

This is one of yesterday’s creations during the Westlake Village City Celebration.
In addition to all the games, rides and activities, it was awesome to have kids and their families spend time at our booth creating their ideas and imaginings.
This character reminds me of the Iron Giant, one of our family favorites.

Writing with style.

Looking forward to Cursive Handwriting for Grade Schoolers this afternoon from 4-5pm at CReATE with @kristinavirtuedesigns .
Imagine building the skill to write your name, thoughts, stories and ideas with confidence and flair.
This skillset leads to a lifetime of good vibes as kids write their ways through education and the day to day tasks of living along the way. We have sports available.
Call 818-575-9566