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Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!
What a great day we have planned.
It’s our special Two for One deal day at the studio so come on in and bring a friend or family member and pay for just one of you!
We’re also excited about today’s Girls Club session at the studio which is all about speaking up and the girls will craft their own megaphones!
We welcome Troop 61094 who will work on their “Using Resources Wisely” Daisy petal with us!
What Fun!


I love the way the Fimo Clay shakers turned out. They became cinnamon shakers instead of the traditional salt and pepper. With those and the burlap pumpkins and fall candles the Pinspired ladies are all set for fall fun.

Say it!

our #thirtydaysofthanks day #4 post on Instagram today reminds me of grateful relationships. Pausing for a moment today to declare your love for family and friends fills your cup and fills theirs too. Put pen to paper and jot a note say it in print. 

So good.

I wonder…

If more of the world’s population created just for the spirit of creating, would the world overall be better off?

I think so.
With creativity being a big avenue of self expression, I can’t help but think that having opportunities and outlets for genuine, heart felt self expression would allow us to feel free in the creative moment. Free to write, paint, draw, run, climb, knit, film, sing, build, share us in our own way. If for no other moments in our day, allowing the flow of creativity to emerge from within ourselves would help release pent up thoughts and feelings that might otherwise have to be kept quietly within due to our circumstances, beliefs or conditions.
I have met children who don’t know how to build, what building even is. They likely haven’t been given opportunities to explore not just a set of building blocks or cardboard boxes but their ideas on how they can put things together and end up with structures. I have noted in those kids a lack of confidence in themselves and a lack of curiosity for their world. I see a link between their lack of confidence and the lack of opportunity to explore. Seeking opportunity is an important step in creative expression. There is love in adults giving opportunity and time to children. I see how not having either hurts children.
I imagine people who lash out at others or the world and think they too don’t know what inner knowledge and curiosity they have. They hurt too. Would they be so angry if they were allowed to create? To tinker and explore what speaks to them?  To play? I believe they would be lighter, even if just a little bit.
I am scratching the surface here but I think its a surface worth scratching…



We started off our annual #thirtydaysofthanks campaign today with

our easy project Wednesday idea to make a

Thankful Tree Tie 

for our neighborhood tree.

Make a simple sign with paper and string that states your community gratitude and tie it lovingly to a tree (dispose of responsibly when it’s no longer able to inspire).

A little positivity goes a long way!


Happy Halloween from Create Studio. We hope you have a spookerific day!

We’re open regular hours, 11am-6pm today.

Unplug and Connect

Creating together.
(Food for thought.)

One of my favorite things to do when my kids were young was to create opportunities for connections with our friends where we didn’t have to watch the clock. We could ride the wave of time wherever it took us, all the while in the present where creativity lives. There was peace and harmony in those long days I have realized I look back now that my kids have grown older.

Once I started the studio I wanted to keep that wave of timelessness present in my recipe for what CReATE STUDIO was to become and it’s still that important today, 8.5 years in.
I have realized over the last two decades that time spent creating with others, together makes similar harmony and presence which actually makes the space for connection. I have heard it said that creativity grows when shared.

It’s still really nice when we don’t have to rush,  when we can be in the now, together. Technology is not really suited for this kind of connecting so I think unplugging is the way to go. I way I see it is technology is about the past and the future, it can’t really live in now unless it’s lifestream, but is that present? Seems to me even that is setting up ideals for the not right now.

Spending time together creating a story or a sand castle or a fort are true unplugged moments that will sear into your memories and build the moments that become the life you share with people you love. Creating together is just right for any age and all ages together. I think that’s why we all like vacations so much.

I hope to create a sense of mini vacation time when you visit the studio, that timelessness that is so delicious and so free. Come and play.


Our messy toddler friends had fun with all things shredded paper! 

We made pumpkins, put it in bottles, glued it to paper and painted it too. It was  a messy good time.


This is what we love and what we aim in our non-profits mission, to facilitate opportunities for re-use materials to help students bring their big ideas to life in super resourceful ways.

Happy Friday!

Come join the messy fun this morning during our Messy Toddler Art Fun class at 10am.

We’re open for drop in creating from 11-am to 6pm 

And we have a Half-Price Happy Hour from 3-5pm

Lots of ways to have fun at CReATE today. Come play!