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What a treat today! Caught @doubletapcrochet putting this piece up in our parking lot out of a sheer love and a desire to spread kindness. We also happen to be Spotlighting YARN this month. Lucky us in every way!!!


I found myself talking to parents this week about an AHA moment I had recently. The reason children go for the box instead of the gift inside is  because they, (the children) are brimming with imaginative thoughts all the time and plain boxes are a giant unpainted canvas! The box can become anything they dream up!
No wonder I see children getting all but lost when painting and gluing an egg carton or such. They get in the zone where the partnership between imagination and creativity collide and become a state of mind, body and hands-on fun when they play or create with simple things.
As they get older they start to shift away from the blank canvas of a box and into STUFF and all of it’s fanciness. They loose, a little at a time, their readily firing imaginations and the magic it’s held for them.
By the time they are grown they have all but forgotten that the simplest thing can have the biggest impact on their imaginative side.
There are lots of  tools to help us rediscover the simple things. Try the book Not A Box by Antionette Portis, which can bring us adults back to simple yet fantastic imaginings when reading with children. Time outside to be present, to be in the wonder of it all and, of course, good old fashioned play are great places to start.
As adult we seek hobbies, gyms and nature to help us get back in our zone of nowness and the beauty of our imaginations. We want the magic of our imaginations back.
Just for exercise, take a look at your next Amazon delivery box and wonder, if it could be anything, what would it be?


These three Agoura High School @instagoura students earned Service Learning hours volunteering at the studio.They were instrumental in the revamping our Spotlight Idea book as they categorized and organized pages and pages of material ideas fo reuse. Thank you!

For the good…

Stop by the studio today to make a simple Valentine to give away! Its free to do and fun to make! We oen until 6pm.
The Conejo Valley Chapter of the Family Service Club will be passing out valentine cards for the third year in a row this year. Families with children of all ages will meet at various assisted-living homes to sing songs and pass out valentines to residents.

This year they will pass out cards at Sunrise at Woodranch in Simi, Mary Health of the Sick in Newbury Park, Brookedale in Camarillo, Hillcrest Royale Retirement Community in Thousand Oaks, and Fairwinds in West Hills.


Spotlighting yarn this month we wanted to know how yarn is made?
We found a cool link on Made How
where we got the scoop about how wool, silk, cotton, polyester and other fibers become yarn. It’s all In the twist!

I’m Happiest When I am Creating

It doesn’t matter if I am organizing a drawer, hanging paintings, creating a flyer for business, making a collage for fun, adding a new element to the studio or making a meal for my family, I am happiest when I am creating.

When I think of it, I realize that for me, doing these things and anything else creative involves my being hands-on with my hands and my mind. I love to see what I am imagining in my mind come into physical form. On a deeper level I think my soul is humming happily along when I am doing it. It’s a way to be grounded in the present and a way to honor me.
I would guess that some form of creating from our hearts in a physical way makes us all a little happier and makes the world a little better too.


This week during Girls Club Strong class the girls focused on bravery and the how’s and why’s of it then made these awesome arrows to remind them that they are already brave in lots of ways.

Happy February!

Happy February!
We’ve got a great month planned for you.
Follow our daily instagram posts with the hashtag #createhearts featuring hearts of all varieties to inspire lovingness.
We have our usual open studio time, deal times and days, Messy Toddler Art Fun, Field Trip visits, Troop visits, Machine Sewing classes, Girls Club Strong Confidence Classes, A Pinspired Night, parents Night Out, M.A.T.E.S. Steam Night, Birthday Parties, a Spotlight on YARN and Oak Parks Super Saturday!
Let’s have a lovely time creating together.


What a wow worthy field trip visit we had from White Oak Elementary 4th and 5th graders we had today. They created fictitious missions and early American Colonies in collaborative groups with impressive features and details, all with scraps of this and bits of that.

One more time…

Shining last light on styrofoam, we think of packing peanuts and the hands on play that can ensue.
If you get a delivery of styrofoam or its alter ego -a corn starch based backing material (pictured here) is even better for curious science style fun. It can fuse together with water! Go on, explore…