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We’re growing a faux cactus at CReATE from an old gym sock. Our friend @kristinavirtuedesigns used her pretty modern calligraphy to wrote a word of support for our sock friend.
Kristina will be visiting our next Pinspired Night on Friday June 1st to help us decorate our own pots with pretty words. You won’t want to miss it!


Did you know that Hyena babies are born with their teeth? We didn’t either.
We learn so much when families do their school projects at CReATE.
Do you have a school project to do? Come on over, let’s learn and create together.
( this Hyena clan is made of corks, rocks and sticks )

Creating at home.

Creating at home idea 14 is to make gift cards and tags from greeting and holiday cards. Save Mothers Day cards, birthday cards, post cards and give them a second shot and making someone’s day.
Here’s all you need:
1. A card or two
2. A hole punch
3. A pair of scissors
Here’s the idea:
1.Cut the writing half of the card of and save it or make it a card of its own.
2. Use the cover half of the card either folded in half as pictured or cut into smaller pieces to suit your fancy.
3. Hole punch the pieces you want to use.
Voila! You have gift tags ready to use!

Our Mothers Shape Us.

Be it in action or absence, our mothers shape us.
I look at this picture of my mother and I and I am reminded of how much I am shaped by her influence.  She has always allowed me the space to be who I am.  As an only child I kept myself busy in my curiosity and my unintentional desire to do whatever I wanted to do. I know it wasn’t always an easy road  parenting me but she did with finesse and a conviction to let me be me.
Regardless of how our relationship with our moms may look to us or to others they are key figures in who we are.
We are influenced by our moms. They model for us, they teach us, they even redirect us. If your mom is no longer with you, her life’s impression has lasted and motivates you to follow a path. Today, ponder your mom and the you she helped to create. You wouldn’t be the wonderful you that you are without her effect.
My mom has shaped me in large part by letting be the me I am and that has allowed me to create a place where everyone can be who they are in their creativity .
Thank you mom.

Happy Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s around the world. You are gifts to us all. Thank you for being you and helping to shape us.


Love the way these simply chic rustic signs turned out at last Nights Pinspired Project night. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Nothing in nature is exhausted in its first use”. Especially not sticks.


Join us for some SLIME TIME today from 2-4. Is scientific fun!
Regular studio fees apply.

Learn something new.

It’s school project season at CReATE so we’re watching lots of learning come to life. We’re learning things too. This is a Horse Fly habitat and apparently Horseflies nest is the grass like this. Who knew!

Good Reuse

Another canvas from our friend @thepaintery_com who donated to us for creative reuse gets revamped with this good vibe saying.

Dream Big

Join CReATE STUDIO and Girls Club Strong at The City of Agoura Hills 2nd Annual Girls Night Out event tonight, geared toward teen and preteen girls. We’ll be hosting a free “Dream Big” booth with dream catchers making and big dream exploring from 5-8pm. See you there!