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Give me a hand.

All hands on deck!
Birthday party guests make cardboard emoji necklaces. Now this is how we like to see kids using their hands- making, painting, building, exploring and discovering.
Save technology hands on use for another day.
Kids need time like THIS to decompress and express!


We had a great time with Daisy Troop 61024 who came to work on the Girl Scout creed-using their resources wisely.
They brought along empty Kleenex boxes that we converted into houses. This house has all the fixin’s including a tiny Styrofoam puppy who lives there.
Who needs flashy stuff when the imaginings you have come to life with the simplest of things.


We love boxes for so many reuses at the studio. In their original state they make great structural works or cut into pieces they can become just about anything else!


One of the wonderful things I note about time at CReATE is the organic connections that unfold with parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews, cousins and friends and caregivers and carekids and strangers too. Personal connections are the greatest need and core we all seek. Having time together to just BE is a magical thing.


As Anias Nin said “We don’t see things as there, we see them as we are”. So, I see Me in these cans! Potential, that’s what I see, oh, and a little challenge too. Thats the fun part.
Back in my early working days as a Costumer in the Film Industry where I worked strictly Low Budget Films, I was at home. I loved the challenge of having to use what I had to make things great. It was all about resourcefulness, I couldn’t buy anything I wanted, I had to make it or-remake it. I felt so Mac Guyver! It was a blast and I felt so good when I saw my work on screen. It was in me to work that way and I could see it in the things I used to create character looks and deadly appearances for sequal slashers. Such fun!
As I emptied my dishwasher yesterday, this stack of cans appeared from the prior days cat food meals, washed and ready for reuse. I took one look at it and thought, this says a lot about me because I see potential…


When you can create anything why not create happy!

Pirates Life

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me…
We get some amazing donations at the studio! Take these vintage Pirates Of The Caribbean Postcards from Disneland circa 1966.
Come in and create with them. They are super cool!

Fun and Games

This tear sheet from a vintage -ish @familyfunmag has triple appeal for us. 1.We love the suggested idea of creative family games- cut slits in cards to make your own house of cards game! 

2. This idea naturally converts to a “creating at home” idea for us! Grab an old deck of cards from around the house that is OK to alter and snip double slits around all four sides of each card  about 1/2 inch deel then, interlock cards as you wish. 

3. Surely there are decks of cards floating around school campuses and that’s where our non-profit, CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS comes in, to bring recycling habits  for reuse it in new ways  like taking old playing cards like this and making up something new for collaborative building in classrooms. A super fun learning tool that doesn’t cost a thing.

Happy Thursday 

We’d love to spend some creative time with you whether it’s for open ended creating,  school project making or or homeschool fun.

We’re open from 11am-6pm


We all need a “Happy Book” filled with antidotes, doodles, words, stickers and other happiness makers.

The Girls Club Girls inspired us today ❤

What makes you happy?