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Family Fun.

I had a great time teaching these ladies to machine sew. The family that sews together has more fun together…

Our Arpil sewing classes start on Tuesday with Intro to Machine Sewing and continue on Thursday with Machine Sewing Two.

Come build your sewing skills with us!


This was Nina’s mini-kindness wall from last week’s Girls Club Strong Kindness project. Can you think of a kinder word?
When we create from a free space within ourselves, Love it was what comes of it.

Creativity is a verb

The more I read Spark by John J. Ratey as mentioned in a prior post, the more I understand our innate need for movement and the more I see that creativity includes movement. The act of creating is physical. It may not always include grand gestures but it does call our bodies to move.
I had once heard that when babies are very young and their arms, legs and heads make twitchy, ongoing movements during awake time that’s their bodies natural action to keep their tiny muscles from getting atrophied while they are too young to move on their own.
We are built to move and we are built to, among other things, create too. I notice that the way we create at the studio is centered around movement. As Spark had mentioned, movement makes us feel good and I know creating does too. We are not designed to sit for long stints, we are designed to move and to make!
In a world where the topic of health is a primary focus I would love to see the focus points listed and communicated by health care professionals add create to their recommendation as DIET, EXERCISE, CREATE. This is a well rounded recipe for good health in our young and old. I know in my heart that when all three are incorporated into daily living we are treating our bodies and minds the way we were made to which allows us to share the good we have inside.
Go forth and eat well, move often and create what’s in your heart.

Kindness is Key!

The Girls Club girls made Mini Kindness Walls to go with the Kindness topic they discussed during yesterday’s Girls Club Class.
As they say, Let it begin with me.

Draw it!

We had fun working with these juniors on their “Drawing Badge” were they sketched, doodled, shaded, and colored a person or thing to incorporate into a 3D creation.
Mission accomplished. They definitely used our resources wisely.


We’re looking forward to having these two Eco Fashion kids back for our 2nd Annual show on Saturday April 7th at CReATE STUDIO, 2-4pm.
We still have space for more participants and would love to have more kids and teens join the show! What a great way to be of service to fellow kids and teens that Casa Pacifca serves!
To participate email

We Need Casa Pacifica

Hearing about the shooting at our local mall yesterday and understanding that children are going to be affected by the loss of their mother I immediately thought of Casa Pacifica and what a valuable resource it is for children who are affected by the decisions, actions and choices of the adults in their lives. Casa helps children and families in need.
Though Casa Pacifica is not related to what happened yesterday at the  mall, they are a valuable resource for children who are in crisis like this and more.
I imagine the children who have lost their mother in unsurmountable ways in yesterdays event and in so many ways have lost their father too. How many kids are out there, being affected, abused, suffering loss, feeling responsible, confused, rejected and unloved. How many more are yet to come?
I am grateful that Casa is part of an important solution for the growing problems in todays world. They are truly a shining light with loving resources to help children not only survive life’s injustices but to grow into adulthood and thrive beyond the adversities of their childhoods.
I grew up in an alcoholic home with trauma and drama woven into my life so I understand what adversity can be for a child.
I created CReATE STUDIO in some ways to be a source of happiness for all kids, but have a special place in my heart for kids who’s childhood challenges can be a big or small facet to their lives. Like I was, there are  likely more kids affected by difficulty than we know are around us, at CReATE they have a place to come to, to enjoy some of the positive parts of life as they thrive through free form creativity and people connections. I strive to offer the studio as a source for good. In this way, I can help others. In this way I, and may event partner Kelly Moore of Glamour Party Girls can help Casa Pacifica help children.

Please join CReATE STUDIO and Glamour Party Girls on Saturday, April 7th at 2pm at CReATE STUDIO for our Recycled Fashion Show to benefit Casa Pacifica 100% for children and families they serve. We value your community support.
Thank you!
To learn more about Casa Pacifica visit their website or call them to inquire about a tour for your troop or group at their facility in Camarillo.


As we Spotlight wood this month we want to call attention to a reclaimed wood use company, Silverado Salvage and Design, that makes all kinds of design and architectural installations for all, using reclaimed wood and based in Los Angeles.
We are such fans of reuse so their love of reclaimed wood makes us happy!
Check them out and get something awesomely remade!


Creating together is fun, especially when it involves catching a Leprechaun!
Open Classroom students had the awesome task of creating Leprechaun traps during their fieldtrip to see us this week.