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Happy Friday!

Come join the messy fun this morning during our Messy Toddler Art Fun class at 10am.

We’re open for drop in creating from 11-am to 6pm 

And we have a Half-Price Happy Hour from 3-5pm

Lots of ways to have fun at CReATE today. Come play!


I like this definition of creativity from my app.

It confirms my beliefs that creativity is what I like to call “A thinking muscle in our brains”. 

It loves to do easy things that are fun and playful as well as  hard, challenging things that strengthen us, just like all the other muscles we have. And, like other muscles, the more we use it, the stronger it gets! 

More Paper Fun!

Our spotlight on paper continues with this easy independant project for preschoolers, making Wrapping Paper accessories. Just grab a roll of wrapping paper and some tape. The paper process can even go a step further to become whole outfits!

Tuesday Fun!

Happy Two for One Tuesday!

Drop in and create with us, enjoying our two for the price of one deal all day.

We have air conditioning and and are open from 11am to 6pm. 

Can’t wait to see you!

Birthday fun @ CReATE!

Sydney’s birthday party was all about SLIME and finding just the right blend of ingredients to make it ultra!



There’s a saying in 12 step programs, “Let it begin with me”

Create to connect with you.
Connection is, as Brene Brown says, *”why we’re here”
We need connection, to connect with one another, to share ourselves, but, we need to connect with ourselves too.
Connecting with our creativity, being playful with it, listening to it as it speaks to us in tones that say, I like that, I don’t like that. That’s ourselves. This is not a critical self but a self that loves. warm breeze and a hot lattes, these likes hold clues to what we are about.
We live in a time where our focuses lean more and more to the outer world; what she’s doing, what he said, how they look, but that’s not us. Too much outward focus can leave us feeling lost and unloved.
Connecting with our creativity means we are listening to ourselves, tuning into who we are at our core. It helps instill valuable self acceptance and self appreciation. We want this for ourselves and we want it for other people too.
Today, create something that connects with you. You can start by listening to your heart, to what what sounds good. Pose the question to yourself,  what would I do if you had all the time in the world? Wold I Doodle, type, fold, cook, sing, walk or list something?
Let the ideas unfold and see where they go. Me guess is the process will bring you back to knowing yourself better, self connection and that is all part of this plan in a positive way. Creativity fosters a connection personally you.

* Brene Browns TED Talk on the Power of Vulnerability

Spread positivity.

Let’s Rock!

Join CReATE STUDIO  and  Girls Club Strong for FREE rock painting fun at the Westlake Village City Celebration today to spread good vibes in our community!

Friday Fun.

Their feet took them where they wanted to go, painting prints along the way during this mornings Messy Toddler Art Class. Such magical fun to be a child. 

Happy Thursday 

Drop in and create with us today 🙂
Homeschool friends enjoy our special school rate of $7 per student today and everyday.

Our regular studio fees apply to all other creators.

Let’s CReATE together.

We’re open from 11am to 6pm

Fairy Jars!

We got Pinspired again this month with Moms Club of Conejo Valley Mamas. We all need to exersise our creative muscles to be better equipt to deal with life’s daily challenges. What better way than with Fairy Jars!