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Happy Tuesday!

Come build up your creativity muscle with us today. 

We’re open from 11am to 6pm.
We have our Girls Club Strong Class at 3:30 and the focus is GRIT, something every girl needs. There are a few spaces for drop-ins, join us! $30 when dropping-in.
It’s Two for One all day. Two can create for the price of one! That’s doubly fun!

Anything is possible

This is John Smith, the Shih Tzu puppy and like it or not he got a new bed. 

Necessity is the mother of invention after all.

Your creativity grows up with you.

So often I hear, I’m not creative but yo are, your creativity grows with you!

When you were a child, say age 5 as I was in this picture, you would have exclaimed yes, I am creative, because you knew you could do anything, you could be anything you wanted to be. When I think of myself at age 5 the world was simple, I lived in the present moment and I was comfortable with me in a way I look back on fondly. I could be a pilot, a judge, a queen, or at that time Princess Leia or whatever I wanted to be and my creativity flowed free in the ways I played to emulate those big ideas. When I did art, I did it my way. I bet you did too. Then, we all got older and many factors came into play that better or worse and took us out of our 5 year old zones.

We likely for the next many years detached from our 5 year old principles but don’t worry, they grew with you! Your creativity is yours alone and it didn’t leave you, you just may have forgotten to tune into it.  Now, Take time to color, to Zumba, to play or run the way you did as a child, (as if you’d never run out of breath). Have a little abandon, your creativity has been waiting for you to come out and play. It’s ready to pick up where you left off. You are creative!

P.S. I created CReATE STUDIO when I was the most disconnected from my creativity. You’ve got this.

Super Girls!

Had to share this super girl pic by @girlsclubstrong 

We had a fun time making super hero masks and wrist cuffs with the Kinder Girls Club girls.

There’s a super hero inside each of us.

Happy America Recycles Day!

This beautiful world is why we need to invest our consciousness in recycling and reuse.
She can only tolerate  so much from us.

Stop in and create with us-  to put your creative energy into fun reuse and visit for community resources and info.


#thirtydaysofthanks day 14 is about gratitude lists. We couldn’t have a Thankful month without a gratitude list, this one is compliments of our Tuesday Girls Club Strong class.

The world is how we see it.

I love this chair!
As soon as I saw it I  thought wow, this creator sees possibilities everywhere, especially in unlikely things! There was something about it’s simplicity, I imagined that she saw a chair in her mind the minute she found the yellow spools in their bin.

The concept of seeing potential everywhere is what I hope we nurture at CReATE. I know I want my kids to be able to look at traditional limits and roadblocks with a sense that there is a way through them to something that can work, something better.
I want for all of us in the world to be able to see possibilities and potential in our surroundings. That we can nurture the possibilities for positive results in our lives.
We as a world have been facing some really hard things this year. Perhaps seeing a groovy chair in what otherwise seems like the end of the road would do us all a bit of good. After all, the world is how we see it.


Machine Sewing can be a magical avenue of creativity, just ask Aavah who is a regular machine sewer with us. She had a magical idea to make these pillows with a vision!


We felt like we were surrounded by architects and builders during the 3rd grade field trip from White Oak Elementray School. The students built homes for a variety of Native American tribes by making Aps, Ti Pi’s, Summer Houses, Wig Wams and Long Houses. They were awesome!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!
What a great day we have planned.
It’s our special Two for One deal day at the studio so come on in and bring a friend or family member and pay for just one of you!
We’re also excited about today’s Girls Club session at the studio which is all about speaking up and the girls will craft their own megaphones!
We welcome Troop 61094 who will work on their “Using Resources Wisely” Daisy petal with us!
What Fun!