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Make A Paper Gift

I came across an old Kid President Pep Talk video the other day. It’s message was right on cue for the challenges we’ve been facing this year. He said something that really got me thinking, “what will you create that makes the world awesome?” I immediately though of making a gift for someone. Giving someone something hand made is special and makes the recipient feel special too. This works for grown-ups and kids. Chances are, when we do something nice like making art for someone, they will feel good and feel happy to do something for someone else. Paying it forward-that’s awesome.

Since CReATE STUDIO is spotlighting paper this month and it’s probably the most accessible material to make art with while your at home, why not use it to make art for someone. To keep it simple I offer the idea to paint or draw a picture. They make amazing gifts that come right from your heart. Creating something that makes the world awesome can start today with a a piece of paper and a small investment in doing good. Thanks to Kid President and Soul Pancake for the Pep Talk and the idea to create something that makes the world awesome.

Beyond Four Walls

“Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls.-Erin Kenny

There have been some silver linings in this Pandemic, one of which is more outside time (baring sweltering days here and there). It’s been amazing to see people out and about so often; playing, walking, biking and through this new path for CReATE STUDIO, creating.

Our spirits are much bigger than the confines of our bodies and minds. We can stretch beyond our four wall experiences and into the outdoors where possibility, creativity and imagination lie.

I loved this quote about not children bouncing off the walls if we take away the walls. That was my antidote during melt down moments when my girls were younger. Now that I have some hindsight on parenting and the things that worked, getting outdoors was hands-down the best tried and true tactic. It’s magical.

I am thrilled that the studio can now tap into that magic with outdoor creating that comes to you. Get your kids outside. We’ll be waiting there with hands-on eco art fun to explore.
Contact us to book a gather session. Let’s get outdoors!

A Bit Of YouTube For You

I have been making D.I.Y. project based YouTube videos weekly since we closed due to COVID 19.
My goal has been to bring the Creating-A-Home series, a long standing post series I have been sharing on instagram to a more personal level with kids and families through video. I want to not just give you an idea but do it with you.

Through it I hope to engage a more connected creating at home connection to viewers. To give you a hand to hold, encouragement to create with a simple idea, then fly your own way with it.

Most materials I use can be found around the house, if not easy replacers. That’s the fun of it, wok with what you’ve got. There’s a White Stripes Song, Rag and Bone, where Jack White talks through the the song about making stuff from things he finds around a house.

Creating-at-home is the kind of activity that brings you to the moment, gets you in a fun zone.
Join me on my creative reuse journey on YouTube. We’ll make something together and you’ll enjoy a little creativity in your day.

What Kids Make

Creating things shows us who they are.

Freedom happens when they have time and space to use their own imagination to make what they desire.

This Barbie Room is really a few sheets of paper, a little bit of fabric, a box or two, and some pieces of plastic. The pieces come together harmoniously to create an amazing little space that sure I’d like to relax in. We can see what the creator imagined.

My heart sings at the sight of creations like this, seeing what kid get inspired to dream up. I feel like I am seeing them in a most authentic state where the only person they truly need to impress is themselves.

Your kids will impress you and surprise you and after all is said and done you’ll know them that much more.
Visit our other blog posts to see some of the amazing projects kids make.

Jemma W.
Founder & Owner


Expose Your Kids To Art

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
-Edgar Degas

Edgar said it pointedly, art makes us see things. Often in our daily lives we may not see things the way we do in art because we live them. We are too close to them. We have expectations, we anticipate outcomes.

Art takes us away, it pulls our thinking in new directions. The pieces we see stir curiosity, wonder and sometimes a strong sense of feeling. What a gift art is for us.

Art stirs the same expansive openness for children too. Once when my girls were small we were in London and visited the National Gallery. They had a room where all the art was placed on the lower third of walls with little question prompts for kids and families that invited the open thinking pathway. This is the stuff we want our kids to keep as they grow.

We are fortunate to have museums in abundance in and around the Los Angeles area that welcome kids. Even more so we have great museums right here north of LA. Just a few to note in Malibu’s Getty Villa, Thousand Oaks’ CMATO, Camarillo’s KidSTREAM, Ventura’s Ventura Museum of Art and Santa Barbara’s Moxi and Museum of Natural History.

Though museums are not open right now, most have interactive programing that invite art exploration. Here’s a list to explore.

Lastly, my favorite go-to museum app for well rounded access to art is Google’s Arts & Culture where you have regular prompts to view art pieces, themes, history and more.

Women in Business

A monthly blog series

A list of women leading Fortune 500 Companies came up on Google the other day. I don’t know how I got there but, curiously I looked over the list. There are 37 Female CEO’s on this years list, making up 7.4% of the total Fortune 500 CEO’s. That count is a record high but this area isn’t really my interest. It did get me thinking of women in business though.

I’m a woman in business. I running a small company. I don’t think of myself unless I have something about woman in business to frame it against. I have two daughters who are entering the work force and have interests in particular career fields. As a mom, I want them to have the freedom to pursue whatever their career interests become so, in that mindset I would like to see the Fortune 500 list expand to include more women and more diversity with women.

Aspirations to make the Fortune 500 list is not my desire today, but I do like being in business for myself. I enjoy being my own boss and doing the deciding. Contributing my community through my investment in creative reuse the way I envision it is gratifying. I love marrying the less likely but more importantly connective nature of creating and recycling. I like how it connects kids to their ideas, families with each other and communities together.

I’d like to share the being my own boss-experience without all the paperwork that goes with being a boss. I want to connect other women with their desire to lead their own paths.

Working on the next steps for CReATE STUDIO includes women in communities across our counties ( we border two here) and beyond. I don’t need to be on someone else’s list of women, I want to build a list of women to create with me.

This journey is just beginning. The lists I am making now will help me have the list of women I am envisioning.

This blob starts an ongoing series around women in business. Monthly I’ll share about women I know and women I meet. This is part of my process for creating.

Jemma W.
Founder & Owner

Shining A Spotlight

This month we spotlight Ceramics of all sorts.

“Spotlighting” as we call it is our way to explore materials we receive and provide for reuse at the studio.

Through the donations we receive we get broken mugs, chipped plates and cracked bowls from time to time. I have long seen value in reusing them for artistic explorations.

After the 1994 Los Angeles Earthquake I ended up with a fair amount of broken plates and the like. Even back then I thought there must be something else to use them for so I started making mosaic pots for indoor and outdoor plants. I even started collecting scrappy dish ware from thrift stores and garage sales. I was such a fun outlet for y creativity the value of reusing broken pottery has stayed with me. It has been a material on our Donation List.

Nowadays ceramics of all sorts has become one of the materials we explore each month. Follow CReATE on instagram to see curious looks at this material and its wide range of forms that are sometimes china, sometimes, ceramic and sometimes pottery. They may all come from similar beginnings. We’ll explore how they are made, what source of the earth they come from and whether or not they can be recycled. We’ll also see who is getting creative with them near and far.

I enjoy exploring the materials we reuse and I look forward to sharing my learnings with you.

Jemma W.
Founder & Owner

This tip gets kids creating at home.

Kids need to create. It’s part of how their brain works.

This tip gets your kids creating at home-fast. Save the various packagings for foods, packages that are delivered and the items you buy. Save T.P. rolls, pen caps and even printer paper that didn’t print right. Need more ideas for things from around the house? Our donation list is a great start.

Recyclables are awesome materials for your kids to reuse by creating with them. They help ideas come to life. They may be playing with all their favorite figures and decide they need a time machine. They can make one with some of the recycled supplies you’ve collected! They may need a room, a car, a bed. All kinds of things become possible when they have these raw materials on hand.

Using the tissue box or the paper towel role as they play amps up their thinking and creating to a new level. Creating with the random things around them is brain food for kids!

So save packaging bits and pieces as they come through your home. It’s a simple tip with amazing benefits for your kids brains!

It’s time for Big Magic

Big Magic

I need some magic in my days this summer. As the inevitable changes that come with COVID 19 ebb and flow, I need to regroup. Do you?
It’s time for Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert to offer just what I need. I think it will be good for you too.

We’re all recalibrating, hopefully dreaming about how we want to go forward. What do we want to come away from this time having learned? I want to stay dialed into my creativity as I continually regroup.

I have read and recommended this book here before so I know how good it will be to re-read and re-recommend. It should be required high school reading!

Re-reading this book, I anticipate soothing words and inspiring stories like the one about “ideas”. I expect a little push to get my creativity on, also inspired by the story she tells about “ideas”.

Big Magic is just what I need to feel validated right now. I think it will inspire good things for you too. Don’t be surprised if you want more on the subject once you finish the book. Elizabeth also has a companion podcast called Magic Lessons which connects people who have creative blocks to artists, writers and other wise folks that help them get unstuck.

There’s even more! You can seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on creativity for more food for thought on living a creative life.

I’ve got my audio copy of Big Magic all cued up. I hope feel inspired if not just ready for something new to think about over the coming summer days.

Jemma W.
Owner & Founder

Creating at home with fabric

In last week’s blog I introduced our Spotlight series on Fabric.
We had a chance to explore the tip of the ice berg on what fabric is made from and how.

This week I thought it would be fun to share a recent creating at home project I put on YouTube, making Homemade Hacky Sacks using socks. I categorize socks in the fabric family as part of the clothing we wear for comfort and protection. Socks are notorious getting lost or going missing in households everywhere, usually leaving a solo sock behind.

Thinking of ways things can be reused through our creating at home series is a passion for me. Turning socks into puppets are always fun but hacky sacks are something different. They create a whole different level of engagement with the creator for more physical fun. Using a few stray socks to make a hacky sack to play alone or with someone else gives those solo socks a unique sense of purpose and of course, reuse.

Fabrics aren’t always recyclable in their original states, (TerraCycle can help route the items that can), but they are reusable in many ways. I believe we do important work at CReATE, reusing things, inspiring other ways of reusing things and the mindset that everything has potential to be used again. It’s important to reuse, we are already taking so much from the planet then throwing it away. I want you to have fun exploring your creativity. When you do, it eases some of the pressure our planet carries.

We spotlight different materials each month to create space for awareness, curiosity, creativity and responsibility. I am so glad your here.

Let’s create!
Jemma W.
Owner/ Founder