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A Paint Night at CReATE!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 10th for a special Paint Night with @thepaintery_com. She will lead a paint night here at the studio, bringing along everything you need to paint a beautiful painted canvas!
CReATE STUDIO October 10th
Book your shot here:


Bonding time.

Nothing like getting the gang all together for a celebratory doodle-fest at Riley’s birthday party.
Art filled creativity was the top goal with all these kiddo’s.
I have shared pictures of kids coloring one of our jumbo coloring posters before and each time it’s because I am so taken in the moment of connection I see, be it to coloring itself or with the friends that surround one another.
Here it’s both the talking between friends while coloring and the presence they have to be in the creativity flow of this basic form of self expression while they talk about life.

Happy September!

We have lots of fun planned at the studio this month so let’s create!Be sure toSave the Date for our Paint Pouring night lead by Alison Mytych on Friday, September 14th from 6:30-9:30pm. Let the pouring begin! $50 includes all.Call us at 818-575-9566 to get your spot!

Learning Curve

I am always on the lookout for teaching and learning opportunities at CReATE. As Alfred Mercier said, “What we learn with pleasure we never forget” and we need to keep learning for the sake of our minds and our sense of curiousness in spirit. I touched on the sparkle of fun I felt after learning the ins-and-outs of Modern Calligraphy where my childhood spirit shone through.
I choose to have classes and workshops at the studio that I know can find the lovely balance between teaching and learning which for me includes a big grey area of curiosity, exploration and discovery. This is where each person participating can find their place with the skill they learn and its just for them.  Our open-structure is all about those pieces which are like diamonds that crack open with deeper, more brilliant facets of personal learning. I believe more and more that we do better in life when we look at things curiously which intern translates to creatively. I feel there is magic in the process of trying something out for the sake of personal enrichment. Learning unfolds in the creative flow.
Join me in exploring experiences this fall at the studio. It is after all a family studio where there is something fun for everyone.


Building Dreams

Thursday night was great fun during the two workshops happening at CReATE. For the Creating A Successful Business You Love workshop it was a great exercise to make paper prayer flags with a one word money mindset we want to integrate into our financial thinking to help us build on our dreams for a limit free life! FLOW says it all!

Building Basics

Any good interior needs an exterior to work off of. Nothing like building an eco house from a moving box to make the right kind of homestead for egg carton furniture (still to come) during our mini camp this week.

The best part of this process is watching the invisible wheels of creativity spin as the kids dream up details for their super homes.


Grateful Lifelong Learner

This week I participated IN a class at CReATE as a student and I was grateful for it.
Taking Kristina Virtue’s Intro To Calligraphy class on Thursday Night was a happy reminder to keep-on learning. She gave us lots of tips, tools and tricks to bring Modern Calligraphy into our everyday with one key ingredient, practice. Isn’t that just what we’d tell our kids? Practice makes…better than before at least. I am not after perfection but, I am after I realize, continued learning. That is a growing interest of mine. It comes later that it would have served me best but maybe now is the right time to actually enjoy it. After the class, knowing that I wasn’t seeking to be a master calligraphist I have been playing over cups of coffee and in my weekly planner as I map out my days with my calligraphy style and each time feel somewhat like a kid again, excited by this new thing, Modern Calligraphy. Maybe that’s what learning offers us always. A glimpse into the giddy moments of our childhood years where magic resided in the little things.


Eco Dollhouse Furniture Fun!

Little furniture is the funnest!
Do you have a young decorator at home?
We’re so excited about our upcoming Eggcellent Eco Doll House Mini Craft Camp next week were we’ll decorate mini rooms with egg carton based furniture like this!
Sign your kids up with us 8/6-8/8 from 9am to 12pm They’ll create the interiors of their dreams with egg carton flair! Perfect for kids age 6 and up.


Meet us at the Library!

Come have fun with us at The Thousand Oaks Library today between 1-4pm.
We’ll be hosting a FREE Pinspired Family Crafternoon where you can make wood signs, picnic boards and kid car boards while supplies last.
Meet us in the Marvin E. Smith room.
We’ll see you there!

The projects we’ll have on hand at this event are inspired by the projects we do for our regular Pinspired adult night at the studio where it’s all about hands-on making your way.

*The studio is open as usual from 12-4pm too!


Create a business you love..

Looking forward to teaming up for this Creative Business Success Series at CReATE STUDIO with Limit Free Life’s Michelle Perkins. We have two great once a month series options for 6 or 12 months that starts this Thursday, 7/12 from 6:30-9:30pm.
Visit the event bright link to learn more and register!