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Tooth Picks

Nolan knew before he got to the studio that he wanted to make a porcupine with his mom. Toothpicks make great quills for prickly creatures! Watching this creation unfold was mysterious and magical to say the least. What fun this guy will be, just watch out for his quills!


Nolan (3yrs) and Roanna (mom)

Wooden Spools

I think there is a little bit of Fairy Tale thinking in all of us, be it princess’s or dragons. Take a whimsical moment to rest your weary bones while traveling through imagined times, but don’t fall in the mote when you leave!

Princess castle

Brilana & Debi

3yrs & Mom


Haute Couture is the name of this paper gown game. Imagine finding yourself on the runway in this beautiful gown. Heads turn in awe of your beauty and style…We are never grown up to imagine beautiful possibilities.

Couture Gown



(Created at the Pink Parlor Festival)

An Egg Carton

Sometimes I marvel, no, I just about always marvel at the creations that unfold before my eyes at the studio. This egg carton frog complete with caught fly is no exception. There is such a happy way that he elicits in his observers, in fact, I think even the fly is smiling!

All it takes to make a frog or flower or some such other is a willingness and a means to bring an idea to life-that is creativity and it happens everyday at CReATE STUDIO. Lucky me!



Young Adult

A little of this,a little of that

Table for two? or maybe 6! I took the CReATE principles out of the studio by creating a setting for 6 birthday guests for St Jude’s Designs For Healthy Living Expo this past Saturday. It was fun to embody a spark of eco sensibility using studio treasures like wrapping paper, chalk board paint, grocery bags, giant thread spools, paint chips and more, all the while having grown up design fun!

CReATE Party Fun



A Plastic Bottle

Now that spring is on it’s way, beautiful flowers are starting to spring up everywhere! Look at these beauties made from a variety of plastic water bottles. These lovely blooms decoratively donned tables for a Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Pretty Flowers


All Ages

Lincoln Logs

George Washington would be so proud of this log cabin! What a lovely setting we see, nestled by a flowing river and hearty cornfields growing strong. Giancarlo created this school project to accompany a book report for his language arts class. Well done Giancarlo!


Log Cabin Project


Did you know that $1.00 of the studio fee attached to a school project  goes back to your school! Let CReATE help you get the job done. We’re making projects fun again. No project too big or small with CReATE’s awesome material selections.

Clothes Pins

Clothes pins are not just for hanging your laundry out to dry anymore. This smart elephant needed a way to get around the Serengeti plains in style.

Serengeti Elephant

Artist unkown

Candy Wrappers

Cool Candy bracelet

Cool Candy bracelet

Here’s a throwback to the old days of resourceful fun, making candy wrapper jewelry! It turns out Dum-Dum wrappers when folded just so, make a super cool accessory for your wrist!

Cool Candy Barcelet


10 yrs

Carnival Bead Necklaces

Carousel Ride

Carousel Ride

We can’t deny the intrigue of those colorful Mardi Gras beads. Although they fair mostly in dress-up boxes around the world, they have many more potential possibilities. How about for a carousel scene? Now that’s an idea!

Gracie brought a fairy tale scene to life with odds and ends found in CReATE’s bins. What will you make?

Carousel Ride

Gracie 9 yrs