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A Paper Cup



You know those times when you see something cute in a magazine and you think…”I want to make that”! Well that’s just what Chloe said to her mom, so they hopped in the car and headed for CReATE! After some fun collaborative mother daughter time, they had their very own horsey, just like the picture they saw in the magazine (except theirs was pink)!

Pink Horsey

Chloe & Kelly

3yrs & Adult


Garden Clogs

Garden Clogs

Even mama’s need to let their creative juices flow. These garden clogs get a breath of fresh air “decoupage style” and are sure to put a smile on any face who sees them.

Garden Clogs




These rockin’ little friends make me want to smile! Here nature merges with creative potential as seen through the eyes of a child to make happy little birdies for all to enjoy.

Little Birds



Spare Vacuum Brush

Tyler's Dino

Tyler's Dino

With a little help from Mom, Tyler created a super silly dinosaur guy. They had all kinds of fun attaching, buttons, beads, foam and packing pieces to create a magical creature from a bygone time. Oh, what imagination can do.

Tyler’s Dino



A Creamer Carton

This container, invented to hold coffee creamer , has now been reinvented to take a wild spin around the Audubon raceway!

Race Car



Painters Stir Stick

"Ashley's Door Sign"

"Ashley's Door Sign"

A painters stir stick can be very versatile, here I captures a lovely girls personal domain.

What can it capture for you?


Door Sign


Bottle Caps

Bottle caps gain a new appeal and may even become a new friend too.

Bottle Cap Snake

Maisy 13yrs

Wood Blocks

Wood blocks have long been thought of for building and un-building but the added help pf a glue gun opens up a whole new world of possibilites, let’s dance!

Record Player



A Patterned Box

What fantasy design unfolds when you put your dreams into action? Striped walls, a plush bed, groovy curtains and a colorful tiled floor make this dreamy space a pretty reality.

My dream room!


12 yrs

Oatmeal Container

Who didn’t want a horsey to ride around the living room as it unfolded onto miles of golden Prairie as far as the eye could see? This little filly is ready to take her new friend Chloe for a ride.

Chloe & Daddy