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A Patterned Box

What fantasy design unfolds when you put your dreams into action? Striped walls, a plush bed, groovy curtains and a colorful tiled floor make this dreamy space a pretty reality.

My dream room!


12 yrs

Oatmeal Container

Who didn’t want a horsey to ride around the living room as it unfolded onto miles of golden Prairie as far as the eye could see? This little filly is ready to take her new friend Chloe for a ride.

Chloe & Daddy



Corrugated Foam

Once upon a time there was a a piece of foam that had a job as cushioning for a fragile package. When he was free from that honorable duty he wanted to swim in bogs and bayous so he became an alligator!


Thomas (with a little help from mom)


Glass Jars

What did one glass jar say to the other glass jar?

“It’s lookin’ pretty silly around here”

Tickling our funny bones is a great way to spend the day. These jars metamorphosized from pasta and salsa jars into class clowns sure to bring out the kid in all.

Maisy & Marissa


A Styrofoam box

Meet Frank.

Frank used to be a styrofoam cooler…Enter imagination. Seeing potential in the unseen, an everyday object. Frank is the product of bringing a dream to life and perhaps even a new friendship too.


“My Friend Frank”


A piece of wood molding

A piece of wood can become a great sign to lead the way to creativity.

A few odds and ends, an old t shirt, stickers, sticks, and textured paper help lead us there.

CReATE sign


11 yrs

A Wrapping Paper Roll

Tall and cylindrical, what could this roll become? With a touch of whimsy we see the beauty of a statuesque Flower stalk, bringing smiles to every face it meets.

Happy Flowers




Imagination can lead us to delicious ideas. Her yarn set the stage for a favorite pasta dish. Add a few pom pom meatballs and and a saucy looking paint and viola! Sagetti and meatballs for all!

Spagetti and Meatballs



Shoe Box

Every home needs the basics to keep us safe and secure. A few embellishments never hurt either.With imagination at work a simple shoe box becomes a haven for a favorite object with all the comforts of home.

Doll House



Cool Cardboard

Standing nearly 3 feet tall, she has style, she has flair! All the makings of a Barbie girl!

This beautiful gal was once a few cut pieces from a donated cardboard box until Phoebe’s imagination brought her to life!

Barbie Girl