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A Wrapping Paper Roll

Tall and cylindrical, what could this roll become? With a touch of whimsy we see the beauty of a statuesque Flower stalk, bringing smiles to every face it meets.

Happy Flowers




Imagination can lead us to delicious ideas. Her yarn set the stage for a favorite pasta dish. Add a few pom pom meatballs and and a saucy looking paint and viola! Sagetti and meatballs for all!

Spagetti and Meatballs



Shoe Box

Every home needs the basics to keep us safe and secure. A few embellishments never hurt either.With imagination at work a simple shoe box becomes a haven for a favorite object with all the comforts of home.

Doll House



Cool Cardboard

Standing nearly 3 feet tall, she has style, she has flair! All the makings of a Barbie girl!

This beautiful gal was once a few cut pieces from a donated cardboard box until Phoebe’s imagination brought her to life!

Barbie Girl



Upholstery Fabric

Did you ever want to be a fashion designer..the best time I had creating my childhood fashions was to grab the closest scraps of fabric, sprinkle with eagerness, a dash of inspiration and a handful of determination. The result then and now is better than anything you could buy.

My Purse