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Heidi's Garden Chime

Heidi's Garden Chime

As Twyla Tharp once said,” Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”

Here Heidi “ran away” for a bit to CReATE a little whimsy for her garden with buttons and beads.

The joy that comes with playful thought creates lasting treasures to brighten any garden or home.

Garden Chime



Gym Socks

Sock Skeleton

Sock Skeleton

Once our little ones grow out of their socks, we can rest assured that they have more life in them! Here a few pairs lend themselves to a delightfully spooky buy sqishy skeleton just in time to add some scare to our Halloween howls!

Sock Skeleton

Diana (mom)

A Paper Bag

Trick or Treat bag

Trick or Treat bag

Halloween provides awesome opportunities creativity. Here a plain shopping bag becomes an extraordinary Trick or Treat bag with a a few stickers, napkins and other fun Halloween inspired goodies!

Trick or Treat Bag

Nolan 2 yrs & Mommy Roanna


The GO ship

The GO ship

There is much to discover when sailing the high seas…you never know when you’ll see land again. Our imaginations can take us anywhere we want to go. Here, high seas adventure started with a piece of cloth, a few wood blocks, some masking tape and a few bits of string. I can just smell the salt air, can’t you.

The GO Ship



Cork Pieces

Sailing High Seas

Sailing High Seas

How many times have we wanted to travel to far off places, day dreaming of adventures we have only read about in books. Here, Emma took the simplest of materials, namely pieces of cork from an old  wall pannel and turned them into the high seas, complete with a serpent monster! Wont you come away with us…

Sailing High Seas



A Book

Maisy's Altered Fairy Tale

Maisy's Altered Fairy Tale

This old copy of a children’s book gets a new story to tell with magical mixed media style.

You can create your own Altered book, like Maisy did here using puzzle pieces, lace trimmings, paint pens, buttons and other fanciful embellishments to make it uniquely you.

Altered Fairy Tale



Wooden Ornament

Kristin's Bird

Kristin's Bird

Sweet Little bird. Inspiration struck this Mama while her children created theirs. A forgotten ornament got wings to fly and what a pretty little thing it is.

Sweet Bird


Mother of 2

A Paper Cup



You know those times when you see something cute in a magazine and you think…”I want to make that”! Well that’s just what Chloe said to her mom, so they hopped in the car and headed for CReATE! After some fun collaborative mother daughter time, they had their very own horsey, just like the picture they saw in the magazine (except theirs was pink)!

Pink Horsey

Chloe & Kelly

3yrs & Adult


Garden Clogs

Garden Clogs

Even mama’s need to let their creative juices flow. These garden clogs get a breath of fresh air “decoupage style” and are sure to put a smile on any face who sees them.

Garden Clogs




These rockin’ little friends make me want to smile! Here nature merges with creative potential as seen through the eyes of a child to make happy little birdies for all to enjoy.

Little Birds