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A Plastic Bottle

Now that spring is on it’s way, beautiful flowers are starting to spring up everywhere! Look at these beauties made from a variety of plastic water bottles. These lovely blooms decoratively donned tables for a Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Pretty Flowers


All Ages

Lincoln Logs

George Washington would be so proud of this log cabin! What a lovely setting we see, nestled by a flowing river and hearty cornfields growing strong. Giancarlo created this school project to accompany a book report for his language arts class. Well done Giancarlo!


Log Cabin Project


Did you know that $1.00 of the studio fee attached to a school project  goes back to your school! Let CReATE help you get the job done. We’re making projects fun again. No project too big or small with CReATE’s awesome material selections.

Clothes Pins

Clothes pins are not just for hanging your laundry out to dry anymore. This smart elephant needed a way to get around the Serengeti plains in style.

Serengeti Elephant

Artist unkown

Candy Wrappers

Cool Candy bracelet

Cool Candy bracelet

Here’s a throwback to the old days of resourceful fun, making candy wrapper jewelry! It turns out Dum-Dum wrappers when folded just so, make a super cool accessory for your wrist!

Cool Candy Barcelet


10 yrs

Carnival Bead Necklaces

Carousel Ride

Carousel Ride

We can’t deny the intrigue of those colorful Mardi Gras beads. Although they fair mostly in dress-up boxes around the world, they have many more potential possibilities. How about for a carousel scene? Now that’s an idea!

Gracie brought a fairy tale scene to life with odds and ends found in CReATE’s bins. What will you make?

Carousel Ride

Gracie 9 yrs

An Idea

Don’t all things begin with an idea? Many ideas pass along almost unnoticed. It takes our intention to bring them into reality. Adin had an idea, though at first glance at the material wall, he wasn’t sure how he could make it come true. Still he persisted and over a lovely afternoon with his Grandma he did it! An indian fort was created, complete with horses, Indians, a pot over a burning fire, a Medicine Man’s hut, a canoe and a rolling river.

All ideas have potential to be the great things they stem from. What will yours be today?

An Indian Fort



A Sock

Dolly sock friend

Dolly sock friend

So this is where the other sock has gone!  Missing sock in the dryer mystery solved!

This sweet ducky printed sock was an eye catcher when Hanna dug through the sock bin with a cushy pal in mind. She gathered a little fluff, some strands of fair haired yarn, a few Coraline style buttons and the broadest smile this dolly could carry. The friendship was all set.







Meet Doodlefribitz, made of clay, a few screws, a piece of plastic mistletoe, a spring and two electrical cones, this trusty pet needs only your smile to keep him going.





Cardboard is a blank canvas for daydreaming minds.

Here Nathan imagines in 3D a smooth ride down a sidewalk perhaps. The wind blowing through his hair and fast moving wheels beneath his feet. Freedom is his middle name…

Nathan Rides his skateboard



Nathans skateboard ride

Nathans skateboard ride

Pine Cones

Skiing Pine Cones

Skiing Pine Cones

You may not be able to get to the snow yourself, so send your imagination out for you. Here Sydney got these two pine cones well suited for wintery weather, complete with cozy hats and scarves.

Skiing Pin Cones


9 yrs