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R is for Resourcefulness

My instagram friend Chani Friedman @thepaintery_com tagged me in a photo series by photographer @noralorek for @natgeo and told me the sentiment of their post reminded her of what I share about CReATE and creativity on instagram.
If we want to raise our children into resourceful, kind, caring, thoughtful, curious, fun loving adults then we need to give them the down-time to cultivate it. Being in the lull space and doodling, building, puzzling, playing and so on in a “use what’s around you” kind of way brings self connection and inner respect along with the the ultimate knowing you can do anything. It’s subtle but it happens.
I read Shonda Rhimes book, “A Year Of Yes” , where she described nurturing her childhood imagination by playing alone for hours in her kitchen pantry with soup cans that she created whole dramatic worlds around. Now, she does it for television with shows like Scandal. Reading about that reminded me of my own childhood, playing in my caregiver’s backyard with all kinds of storage boxes and food boxes, whatever was on-hand and tons of imagination. I think that’s ultimately the infrastructure that lead me to create CReATE STUDIO.
I was touched by the images of these Sudanese refugee kids on the National Geographic account, I could relate to the core nature of being a kid and just creating stuff because we only have what’s in front of us, that’s resourcefulness and it’s what we’re created to do. Because they likely have only down time to play and create once their responsibilities are done they imagine and wonder. They may well be the first doctors and architects from their community. The limitations of their lives has removed the distraction of stuff overload that many kids of privileged are prone to. These kids are going to their minds to see possibilities in even the most basic things that would in the wrong hands be taken for granted.
Down-time is really up-time, it’s the place in our present that allows inspiration to come into our minds, it’s where resourcefulness lies so mud becomes a pie or some such thing that let’s the world get so much bigger because we dreamed it up. R is for resourcefulness and our kids need it to grow up and into resilient, thoughtful adults. Isn’t that at lease part of what we want to give them?
It is for me.


Lovely Snowpeople

We had so much fun making Snowpeople at our monthly Pinspired night on Friday.
Who knew 2″x4″s and 4″x4″s could be so charming!

Happy 2019!

Wishing us all an awesome year!
Using our creativity to shape our daily lives is sure to be a key resource for fulfillment and joy in the year ahead.

Messy Toddler Art Fun Tomorrow!

Join me at CReATE STUDIO tomorrow morning at 10am for our last Messy Toddler class of 2018!
Beginning January 10th we’re moving Messy Toddler Art Mornings to to Thursdays at 10am but tomorrow we’re turning socks into snow people and other messy stuff.

Happy Holidays!

Seasonal Greetings from CReATE STUDIO! We hope your holidays are filled with love.

It’s Winter!

Happy First Day of Winter from all of us at CReATE STUDIO!

I am processing.

I recently visited Borderline Memorial. I was so touched by the love and community essence that enveloped it. I had never been to a memorial before. It was profoundly personal to me. There were stories and accounts and prayers for each of the victims and so many hand-made treasures that I felt came from the deepest places of love. Art heals. There were hand crafted pieces contributed by people out of state as well as local artists too.
I thought about the victims that I don’t know personally but I have gotten to know just a little through stories and this memorial. I have been thinking about Borderline since it happened. I have been reconciling the event in my mind and of all the other shootings we’ve heard about and been affected by. Visiting the memorial left me feeling that I had to create something- a way to contribute to honoring the loss and building the foundation of love that had been created. I reached out to my friend Alison and asked if she wanted to create something with me because I knew that she had been processing grief and loss about Borderline. She and I got together and collaborated on a project to contribute to the memorial and to heal our own hearts. It was healing indeed and something we could do. It was an opportunity for us to process the magnitude of Borderline and the weight on our community. I had heard it many times in my life but now I have an experience to draw from and to heal as a member of our community. Art heals indeed.
We created the art on a piece of wood that used to be part of our counter at the studio so it had a chalkboard finish. Alison and I thought that could be a space for more healing as we are an entire community trying to process this event and explore how to grow forward. If you see our piece out there we hope it helps you heal too.

The gift of Creativity.

Packing up the gift of creativity! Gift certificates available in single or multiple studio sessions to fit your budget. Starting at $10 they make great stocking stuffers!
Call us and we’ll get them ready for pick up!

School Projects Are Pure Gold.

Dr. Maria Montessori’s quote “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening but by experiences in the environment” resonated with me.
I have long thought the home-assigned school project was education’s way of connecting children back to process by providing parameters that kids could explore on their terms in an environment that was outside the school setting-thereby creating space to figure out the task in their time. Now, as a parent it wasn’t always convenient or easy for me and my kids to do the project but it was a vital way, I could see, that my kids could take all the information they had collected in their minds at school and put it together in their own way. I have my daughter, Maisy’s 4th grade mission project hanging on the wall at the studio. It was a shoe box, a sheet of thick paper and a few pieces of moss, drawn out and arranged to look like a diorama. That was a project that taught both of us that value of keeping it simple. We went over the concept of creating a curve in the paper that would serve as a background and by doing so, we created the illusion of a bigger space-just like at the Natural History Museum. We worked together to plan the project but she did all the drawing. Maisy figured out the details of her project in her own process and we had the space to trouble shoot it. I imagine if I asked her she would remember making it. I still do because it was a hands-on experience with various elements to include and parameters to keep. She learned so much more than Missions during that project and I haven’t forgotten it. 
Today, we love having kids make their projects at the studio because it adds an element of fun and ease to the “to-do” of a home-assigned project that everyone (parent and child) would love to have check-marked off their to-do list. The time they spend together at CReATE, talking, planning, figuring and creating are rich beyond words. They are deep in learning which is food for the brain, and they always leave feeling a sense of achievement and pride and I like to think, a little bit of connection too. Dr. Montessori had it right, experiences in the environment are golden.
* learn more about our win/win school project program here.

Happy Holidays!

Meet us @shoppesatwlv from 3-6pm for ornament decorating using our favorite salt dough recipe and cookie cutter shapes for Happy Holidays fun!