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It’s The Little Things

I find it’s the little things that make a space feel good. Sure, the furniture is an anchor to a space but “God is in the details” as the saying goes. That is to say, the good is in the details.

Since deciding to transition CReATE to a mobile pop-up format I have been thinking of details and how I could bring them to a new outdoor version of the studio. It’s the little things that made the indoor studio space special. It’s the little things, the details that will do the same for our pop-up studio too. For practical reasons these details also need to be easy to include as each event is a set-up and tear-down process.

This is where I get to explore my creativity, in the little things. I love to marry the practical needs of something with fun. With CReATE the task is creating the feeling and spirit of the studio in various outdoor settings. As my daughter Maisy says, I am looking for casual magic.

Every time I bring CReATE to a home and pop-up the studio, I am excited to explore how this casual magic works now and how it can grow. We are out not just thinking outside the box here, we are physically of the box now too.

I’ve always known that boxes were created to be temporary.

Here’s to Art Journaling

Art Journaling with CMATO yesterday was so rewarding to be a part of. As a Family Art Day session on Zoom we had a wide range of ages participating from our own backyard here in the Conejo as well as back East and beyond.

Art journaling offered us all place to connect with one another and explore it’s concept. We talked about feelings and fears, doodles and Joy’s along with our hands on making. It bonded us. Here, I share a simple way to make a journal-ette from folded copy paper. I appear alone though thanks to zoom I am with many friends.

Talking candidly while making was cathartic. I think the process left us all feeling a little lighter.

We’re excited to offer a second Art Journaling session for the next Famliy Art Day in February.

Mark your calendars and save the date for Saturday, February 20th at 2pm pst. This is a free event to attend on zoom. If you weren’t able to join us this month we hope to see you in February. The sign-up link coming soon and will be posted on our Happenings Page. When you sigh up we’ll provide a list of recyclable materials and supplies to collect at home for our additional Art Journaling time together.

I am really looking forward to it.

Jemma W.
Owner/ Founder

Life Inspiration

How have you been impacted by Covid 19? No doubt the changes you’ve experienced have been life changing in surprising ways and in a full range of emotion.

We can help.

Join me this Sunday, January 17th at 2pm for a Virtual Family Art Day in partnership with California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks (CMATO). Here’s the link

We’ll be making Art Journals inspired by CMATO’S current online exhibit, Life Interupted- a virtual collection of student works expressing how their lives have been impacted by Covid 19.

Art heals. We see that first hand through the exhibit. Taking a page from that process we’ll explore art journaling and it’s natural process of expression through writing, doodling, collating and painting. There are no rules to follow and no experience required to make an art journal. Join us this Sunday to as Madonna once said , Epress Yourself.

The student works includes here include Bleeding Heart by Dexter Guiellmot, Somethings’ Missing by Madison Moc, and Vibing by Hana Ryan.


As Plato once said, “the most important part of the work is the beginning. The new 2021 is creating that beginning.
The beginning Plato refers to reminds me of making art. Art always begin with a fresh idea, a blank canvas, an empty box, and builds from there. I am envisioning a blank canvas for myself. It has layers of other art that I can now paint over to begin anew. I am looking forward to this process. I plan to apply all that I learned in 2020 to my fresh start 2021 canvas. On top of that I plan to work with my “materials”; flexibility, positivity, a few solid goals, people and planet connections and, a good dose of wonder to start. I don’t know how it will look but I want it to be vibrant, fun and a work I will be proud to keep.
How will you make your 2021 art?

Happy Holidays!

No matter what you celebrate we hope you enjoy love, joy, peace and creativity this holiday season.

Holiday Wishes

Happy Everything!
Wishing you a happy, merry, joyous, peaceful, creative season.
I am excited for the fresh new year that lays ahead and, look forward to sharing continued creativity through reuse with you as we flow through 2021.

Visit our Happenings page for upcoming creative opportunities.
See you in 2021!

Warm Regards,
Jemma W.
Founder & Owner

The Gift of Creativity

What could be better than the gift of creativity!
That’s what we say about giving our Eco Craft Kits. We have boxed up a collection of our go-to recycled, reusable materials for the creators on your list. Hand packed and local, we assemble each box with care.

Explore our Eco Craft Kits page to learn more about what goes into each box with young thinkers in mind. Just perfect for holiday giving to your curious and creative. Let them explore the wonders of the creative process of making, enjoying their kits for days and days.

Hand-Packed Eco Craft Kits $20 plus tax with delivery locally.
Contact us to order yours!

Curious About Plastics

This month we cast our proverbial Spotlight on Plastics and some of the various forms they comes to us in. Plastics, in their unending variety of forms make’s them a popular material source in our reuse line-up.

We’ll spend the month exploring plastics, how they are made, how they are recycled, what we are making with them, what artists make and their history too.
You can follow along our curious journey through our weekly newsletter, which you can sign up for on our contact page.

I love learning about new things, or leaning new details about common things. Just today I learned that plastics have been around a lot longer that I realized in manmade forms like bakelite jewelry from the early 1900’s. Plastics were drawn from nature years earlier from the sappy gum of Rubber Trees in the Rain Forest.

Plastics have been a means to do good in the world of product making. Durability and reuse have been focuses as our world has expanded, so have it’s uses. Many plastic uses have leaned toward convenience, take the plastic water bottle for example. Convenience items tend to be more lightweight, single use and disposable. That’s where the value of plastic gets difficult, and how plastic litter pollutes our oceans. This awareness is inspiring and demanding change. We’ll explore that too.

I look forward to sharing creative projects and interesting discoveries with you this month. Let’s get this plastic journey started, learning something new with National Geographic’s Plastics 101.

Jemma W.
Founder & Owner


“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Aesop

Here we are nearing the end of a challenging year, though whoever said it wouldn’t be?

Many of our lives have changed dramatically to say the least, mine included. I am learning though, in my mid-life stage that challenges, obstacles and issues nudge me, ok, sometimes push me in good new directions.
I am thankful to be pursuing a new path with CReATE STUDIO, using everything I already have. Turns out, I have plenty to pivot a new way.
Thank you for welcoming our change and being part of amazing community we serve.

I hope this years thankful time connects you to the direction you’re meant to go with the people you love around in person and spirit. Good things await there.

Thankfully Yours,
Jemma W.


Light Up Your Holidays.

We’re so excited to be partnering with CMATO to connect contemporary art with everyone through our Family Art Day collaborations. We share a common passion make art accessible to everyone.

We have another date set for virtual art fun inspired by their upcoming Defining Beauty exhibit and the gift of giving this holiday season. Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 12th from 2-3pm for a Zoom session in the spirit of giving.

Make one, Give One. With our day light hours getting shorter and our evenings getting longer we welcome lantern light. Let’s make one to keep and one to share. During our Family Art Day session you can make two glass and paper lanterns, one to give and one to keep using a few basic recycled materials you have at home.

Make it a family affair. You can light up your holidays and register for our Family Art Day at Be sure to learn more about their featured contemporary artists while you are there. A list of materials to gather for our Make One, Give One event will be provided upon registration.

I look forward to creating with you and your family.
Jemma W.